Client: Vodafone Retail 1
Format: Sample Display Box
Stock: GF Smith Colorplan Ebony
Finish: Matt lamination
Special: Foam insert
Location: London UK

"The manual has gone down a storm. ‘Impressive’ is the most frequently used word which is always good to hear – well done!" Vodafone UK

Printing and producing the custom made Vodafone Design Standards Manual with Bespoke box, Display box involved over 12 different suppliers. The sample box is lined with matt laminated 6 colour print on the outside and then black paper on the inside. The foam tray is manufactured to hold the different material samples in place and prevent them from falling out.

The description tray is printed, laminated and then wrapped over board to provide extra protection and menu style card.

The samples are to allow different european contractors to clearly see how to build a Vodafone store to an exact standard.

The Manual uses a 2D ring mechanism to hold 150 leaves digitally printed in addition to a 12 gang printed file dividers to separate the manual into sections.