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Corporate Event Printing

Corporate Event Printing for Medical Conference

  • Industry: Pharmaceutical

We produce all the necessary printed items for your conferences and exhibitions - all under one roof! We are experienced corporate event printing specialists. As such, we will print, pack and deliver your printed items on time and in perfect order.

Wiro Notebooks work better than any other

Corporate Event printing can be work for you or against you. Get it right and everyone is not only using your branded items but they are finding them genuinely useful. There are few better ways to finish a notebook than with wiro. The Notebook not only lays flat on a desk but the pages can be turned back on themselves without destroying the spine and book itself. Pages and notes can be easily torn out and separated from the notebook – again without destroying the document. Consideration as to what papers to use and layout is also essential. Lastly, make sure you use the correct size wiro for your notebook. They come in a range of sizes so there is no excuse for the wrong wiro!

Merck Conference Notebook

Conference Notebook




Merck Lanyards

Conference Lanyards



Re-usable Conference Badges & Lanyards

Name badges are an important item for conferences. Name badges will always be part of corporate event printing packs. Unlike many of the items produced though, the plastic pockets and lanyards can be re-used time again. If you are keen to re-use them, then it maybe worth picking styles that are more generic, for example not to print the lanyard with a date or a specific event name on them. Simply print your brand on the ribbon and they suddenly become a multi-use item. From the spreadsheets supplied we can print and personalise all the name badges, insert them into pouches and then pack into individual kits.

Getting the best resolution for your artwork