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Corporate Invitations for important events

Corporate Invitations with sleeve

  • Industry: Education

  • Finish: Die cutting

  • Finish: Lamination

Stunning corporate invitations for an educational establishment with die-cut sleeve and invitation. It is important that your invitation printing catches the attention of the person receiving it. The thumb cut on the sleeve reveals the die-cut shape of the invitation enticing the recipient to pull out and read. In addition, high quality 4 colour printing with matt lamination is incorporated into the sleeve. The die-cut invitation is on a super smooth silk art.

Corporate invitations

Corporate Invitation with sleeve

When it comes to Corporate Invitations –  get them interested!

One way to increase the impact of a corporate invitation is to create some intrigue. Therefore, by having a printed sleeve the user immediately has their interest piqued as to what is inside. In other words, the user is engaged with your invitation….the battle is half won! The sleeve with this particular invitation has a super smooth matt lamination in order to seduce the user – above all, remember that print is tactile so use that to your advantage.

Choosing the right finish for your printing

Your event is important and that should be the first impression

It is important that the recipient of  your corporate invitation feels a sense of importance when they see your invitation. Therefore your invitation will be judged before the content has been read. In other words, first impressions are essential. In addition, you could further enhance your impact using a device, such as a USB stick.

Corporate Inviation with sleeve and USB stick

Corporate Invite with USB stick

Corporate invite with die-cut sleeve

Shield-shaped inviation with sleeve


Originality can help you increase responses

We have many styles and designs that we have printed over the years. If you are looking for a more original approach for your printed corporate invitation then get in contact with us. We will help your event go out in style.

Special finishes for printed item