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Direct mail printing campaign for a charitable organisation

  • Industry: Charity

  • Finish: Personalisation

Are you looking to put together a direct mail campaign. We specialise in putting together campaigns - including the printing, cleaning the data, mailmerging and then the mailing. This particular direct mail campaign involved printing an informative brochure with a pocket on the inside back cover. The objective of the campaign is to help build engagement and recruitment with supporters.

Pocket Folder with persoanlised information

Personalised contents inside the mailing wallet

Engagement is the key to a successful campaign

One way to increase the success of a campaign is to have engaging, pertinent content.  Therefore, content that is mindful of its’ target audience will have a better response rate. In addition, a well printed document, that is clear and well designed will immediately befriend the reader. In other words personlaisation is essential.

Mailing Boxes for your next campaign


Personlisation is only one part of Direct Mail printing

Very ofetn we are asked if we can personalise a direct mail piece. Of course we can, but that is only one element of any campaign. For instance, with this campaign, there is the litho printing of the brochure with the pocket folder. In addition, the contents have to be printed, some personalised. However, before the persoanlisation, the data has to be cleaned and depending on the run length, sorted into mailsort order. When all that is completed, all the item have to be collated and inserted into the folder. After that, depending on how the campaign is being sent out (we can advise best practice) inserted into an envelope or polybag.

Contents for mailing campaign

Personalised contents


Be careful which paper to use

Have you had the annoyance of having to fill out a form that’s been printed onto a glossy coated paper. It never dries! Some papers are better for writing on than others. In other words, all your hard work can be undone with one simple oversight. So, above all, match the paper to the purpose.

Choose the right paper for printing the perfect job