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Perfect Bound Brochure Flooring Products

Perfect Bound Brochure for Flooring Company

  • Industry: Manufacturing

  • Finish: PUR Binding

A Perfect bound brochure is an ideal way to showcase your product or service. The challenge on this particular project was to match the colours. The printed images needed to match the real products as closely as possible. In other words, the products in the brochure have to represent the floor being chosen. Working closely with the design agency we were able to achieve a brochure that reflected a true likeness to the products being sold.

PUR bound brochures showing the spine

Perfect binding creates a spine

A spine creates a clean finish

If you’re looking for that really professional finish to your brochure then perfect binding provides the solution. For instance, this example has a flat colour. However, for reference books and brochures that are placed on a bookshelf then it’s good practice to print the title etc. In conclusion, there is the opportunity to print further details promoting the title of the document.

Choosing the right finish for your printing

Accurate colour matching is essential for a quality product brochure

Users of your brochure need to be confident the printed images are a true repesentation of the actual product. Above all, good colour matching prevents issues with regards to correct product representation. Our studio works closely with our clients to ensure that we get the closest possibel matches when settiung up files for printing.

Perfect bound brochure text pages

Coloured product brochure pages

Effect of Perfect binding on page layout

Perfect binding and page layout


Be mindful how perfect binding affects the text pages.

When designing product page layouts, one has to be careful that important information, albeit text or images, don’t disappear into the spine and therefore can’t be read. Our studio provides guidance on how designers can set up their files to ensure incidents of hidden content are avoided.

Does the spine ruin your design?

Perfect Bound Brochure

Perfect binding

Colour matching photos

Perfect Bound Flooring Brochure

Coated papers enhance image quality

Perfect Bound Printed Brochure

Sharp imagery is key