Printed Travel Brochure with Sleeve - Printing for the Travel Industry

Printed Travel Brochure with Sleeve

Printed Travel Brochure with Silver Foiling

  • Industry: Travel & Leisure

  • Finish: Silver Foiling

This beautifully printed travel brochure comes complete with a perfect fit sleeve. The silver foiling helps creates the idea of elegance to elevate the brand. A Soft Touch lamination also delivers a textural elegance and quality experience. Using finishes helps bring a brand and product to life. In other word, the combination of finishes represent the quality travel experience being offered. Inside, s super smooth silk art paper provides bright, sharp printed images in addition to the vibrant graphics. The printed images needed to match the real products as closely as possible. In other words, the photos in the brochure have to represent the style and location of the holiday proerties on offer. Often, we work closely with designer so we were able to achieve a brochure that reflects a true nature of the products being sold.


Using a sleeve design to enhance your brochure

If you’re looking for that really professional finish to your brochure then designing a beautiful sleeve may be the answer. However, it is important that the sleeve is a perfect fit to your brochure. Our studio will help you design, draw and create the perfect printed sleeve that will fit any size brochure. Above all, our team are on hand to advise you on what can be added to help elevate your brochure to the next level.

Three tips for the right finish 

Choosing the right paper for brighter photos

If you are selling a dream holiday then the photos are telling most of the story in your printed travel brochure. Therefore it is important that the paper you choose gives the sharpest and brightest printing possible. Our team will help and advise you on the best paper for your project.

Choosing the right paper for your brochure

Inside text pages for travel brochure

Silk coated paper for brighter images

Outer Brochure Sleeve

Sleeve with thumb cut


Why use a lamination?

It is said that the first impressions are created in the first few seconds. After that the customer is either with you or not. Therefore why not give your printed brochure the best possible opportunity to create a positive user experience? In this example, the Soft Touch laminate has been applied to both the cover and sleeve giving a smooth, suede luxury feel. In addition, a lamination can increase the longevity of your document by protecting it from scuffs and dirt.

Does the spine ruin your design?

Open Brochure with Sleeve

Brochure with a bespoke sleeve

Brochure with outer sleeve

Open brochure with bespoke sleeve

Travel Brochure with silver foiling

Silver foiling on brochure cover

Silver foiled brochure

Brochure with silver foiling