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Property Brochure Printing London

Property Brochure Printing London Market Updates

Property Brochure printing London is a highly competitive market. Make your brochure stand out from the crowd with high quality printing and strong branding. We will advise on the best possible papers and finishes to ensure you are happy with the final printed product. Our experienced team will guide you through the whole process.

Property Brochure with matt lamination

Laminated brochure to protect spine

Easy way to stop the spine from cracking

A beautifully designed property brochure can be ruined with cracking along the spine. Using heavy ink coverage on the spine can highlight the problem further. Creasing the paper along the spine will reduce cracking but the best method is crease then laminate the brochure.  A matt lamination applied to the brochure gives a wonderful tactile experience. Engaging the user to pick up your brochure is the first challenge.

Choosing the right finish for your printing

The importance of colour

A strong corporate colour will lift your property brochure above the noise, especially in London’s competitive market. Corporate colours are associated with quality and trust. Make sure the colour you choose reproduces well in 4 colour process. Orange for example come out brown.

Property brochure front and back

Front & back

Property brochure inside layout

Clean page layout


Clean text means easy to read content

When designing page layouts, one has to welcome the reader and encourage them to engage with your content. A busy page with with lots of ink coverage is powerful for a quick message. However, avoid such practice but useless when it comes to giving a detailed message. The best design is one that inspires the potential user to first pick up the printed brochure and then ultimately to read it. Strong colours, a tactile finish together with a quality finish all help create the perfect marketing piece.

Does the spine ruin your design?