Casebound Book Printing for National Charity - Avenue Printing

Casebound Book Printing for National Charity

Casebound book printing with gloss laminated cover

  • Industry: Charity

  • Finish: Gloss lamination

  • Special Finish: Casebound

With casebound book printing, its the quality of the finishing that marks the success of the job. For example, this print project for our client was manuafactured using thick 2.4mm greyboard cover. This ensures the finished item is both strong and durable. In addition, the inside text pages are all printed in full colour onto smooth 200gsm uncoated paper. Most importantly, gloss lamination was added to the outside cover to enhance the vibrancy of the colours and in addition, aid durability.

Casebound book printing

Gloss laminated casebound book

An easy way to brighter colours when casebound book printing

One way to increase the impact of a document is ensure that vibrancy of the colours are enhanced. By applying a gloss lamination to the outer cover has the effect of increasing the image intensity so that the printing appears brighter. Bright colours are attractive to the eye and immediately help to increase the engagement of the reader.

Choosing the right finish for your printing

Make the ‘End Papers’ a feature

The ‘end papers’ are what bind the text to the outer hard cover. Often these are left unprinted. On the hand it is an opportunity to make it a feature; for this project, the designer put down a solid red area to the reverse of the end paper to bring the document to life.

Casebound book showing the end papers

End papers can be printed

Spine of a casebound book

The spine can be printed


The beauty of a spine

The particular purpose of this casebound book was to ask the UK Government to use all their powers to push for peace in Yemen. Rather than discard, this document has a feel of permanence that can be put on a shelf as a reference

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