Sustainable Printing for Food Report - Printing using FSC paper

Sustainable Printing for Food Report

Saddle stitched brochure with throw-out pages

  • Industry: Manufacturing

  • Finish: Saddle stitched

Using a sustainable printing paper was essential for this report. A wonderful saddle-stitched brochure that leaves the reader absorbed by the unusual physical design. The highly creative layout ensures that graphics and data are displayed in an interesting manner. Using FSC certified paper helped fortify their theme of sustainability. It has never been more important to ensuring that you messaging is coherent from manufacture to marketing through to delivery.

Throw out pages

Creating a spread that’s wider than the report

Saddle stitching can give you beautiful throw out pages

Saddle stitching your brochure can give you greater fleixiblity with the layout of your report, whether you are sustainable printing or not!  This report has a number of throw out page sections. ‘Throw outs’ are pages that fold out away from the outer edge of  the brochure. As a result,  it creates a spread that is wider than the rest of the job. For example, in this report, there is a fair amount of data. In order to make it interesting and digestible, the design has made fantastic use of throw outs to engage the reader with colouful infographic spreads.

Choosing the right finish for your printing

Achieving a dense black solid is easier than you think.

Achieving a rich dense solid black can be problematical. The biggest mistake is that too much ink is printed on the page. The percieved wisdom is set the colour up as 100% for each element of CMYK. Not only does this cause drying issues but,  counter intuitively, it does NOT create a dense black.  An FSC uncoated paper was chosen for this sustainable printing project. Ink tends to ‘sit’ on uncoated papers anyway; we worked with the design agency to help create the create colour manangement profiles to achieve the perfect black.

How to print the perfect black


Solid Black Printing

Achieving a dense black

Sustainable FSC Paper

FSC uncoated paper

Sustainable printing is all about the paper

For this project, the client chose an FSC uncoated paper. Not only does it meet the sustainable printing requirements but also it adds to the design of the document. It’s important that once the paper is chosen, the correct weight is then selected. This is to ensure pages don’t  fight against themselves once folded, whilst at the same time are heavier enough to produce a report that has the feel of quality.

Environmental Impact of Printing


Saddle stitching allows document to open

Saddle stiched spine

Throw out pages

Throw out pages

Double length throw out

This report has double length throw outs

Creating the perfect black

Throw out when folded