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Z Cards for NHS

Z Cards for the NHS

  • Industry: NHS

  • Special Finish: Z Folded Cards

How do you create a mini brochure that is the size of a business card? Easy, use Z cards! This particular style is simply one continous folded strip as opposed the map style folds. The client needed a brochure that users could easily put in a wallet or handbag and yet at the same time provide quite a lot of information. This guide is so easy to use, well designed with protective card covers. The size of a business card.

Concertina Folded Z Card

Concertina style of the Z Card

Lots to say but in a mighty small brochure

Have you got plenty to talk about but it needs to be contained? In other words, your message cannot be communicated in just a few sentences. The way the Z cards fold down allows a really nice story to be told in an interesting format. Z Cards are so dinky that users are more likely to keep the communication piece. Therefore, as marketing material, it tends to have better longevity compared some some brochures and leafets.

Paper sizes – deciding on the size

Z Cards

Also referred to sometimes as a map fold or concertina fold, this folding method normally  has 2 parallel horizontal folds and several vertical folds to produce panels of equal size. The horizontal folds are made in opposite directions creating the Z effect. This example is one continuous strip with brochure covers, business card size, attached either end.

Z Cards open and folded

Open & folded Z Card

Folded up Z Card

Folded Z Card

Pop it in your wallet

Folding down to the size a of a credit, these Z Cards can easily be kept rather than discarded. In addition, we recommend using a protective laminate on the outer cards to increase longevity. For instance, if the Z Card is a list of emergency numbers or a strict procedure, then durability is the key.

Environmental impact of printing

So much information in a tiny brochure