The Ultimate Guide to Papers for Printing

Paper types explained

With so many different types of printing paper to choose from, how can you know which paper is best for your project’s needs? At Avenue Printing, we’ve got 30 years of experience helping our clients create the highest-quality printed products. When it comes to printing paper, we know our stuff. To help you out, we’ve […]

Printing Techniques: 7 printing methods explained!

printing techniques

So – you’re looking to create some printed products, but you’re not sure what printing technique to use. At Avenue, we use plenty of printing techniques to ensure that our customers get the eye-catching, high-quality designs they’re looking for. From large format printing to LED UV printing, there’s a right printing technique for every printing […]

Flyer Printing Costs Explained

As with any project, whether it be general printing or creating high-volume stationery, the cost of flyer printing will be subject to a number of cost variables. While there are certainly budget options available for those who need them, you can expect to pay anything from £100 to £1000 for a set of flyers for […]

Booklet Printing costs Explained

When it comes to printing a booklet, there are a number of factors that contribute to final booklet printing costs. With that said, it can be difficult to provide a ballpark estimate as the prices can be as low as £50 or even rise to £15,000 or more for larger, corporate projects. Since there are […]

Brochure Printing costs Explained

Brochure printing cost

Just like any other project, whether it be printing, designing, or anything in between, you can expect a number of contributing factors to affect the cost of your brochures. Brochure printing costs can be as low as £100 (sometimes lower) for a one-off brochure with minimal design (and most likely low quality). However, the cost […]