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The way your menu looks and feels is a key consideration when creating an experience at your venue or restaurant. At Avenue Printing, we’re delighted to cater for the breadth and diversity found across the catering community. Whether you need engaging tent cards to add a little pop to each table or if you’re looking for a table talker menu that will show off everything you have to offer, our expert team of menu printing specialists can help you through the process, resulting in a high-quality finish and a professionally printed product that you’re totally happy with.

Specialist Menu Printing for Businesses

The table talker style menu features 8 panels, which is carefully chosen to maximise the amount of information you’re able to share, whilst taking up the minimal space on the table, in order to be able to maintain a sleek and minimal look and offer customers a practical dining space. Finished with perfect gloss lamination, the product is well protected from any accidents or sticky fingers, meaning it’s able to look professional and engaging for even longer. We also offer a number of other menu printing options – just ask and we’ll discuss your requirements.


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Tent Cards

Tent Cards

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Talker Menus

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Tent Cards

Tent Cards

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Talker Menus

Talker Menus

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Menu Printing Finishes and Styles

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About Avenue Printing

We’re a B2B printing company first established in 1911, and we’ve grown over the past twenty years to offer our top-quality printing services to marketing departments, graphic designs and other corporate clients. We’re pleased to say we’re printing partners with companies like J. D. Wetherspoon, Pitcher and Piano, and Lloyds No.1 Bar, but to name a few. As part of our customisable and unique services, we are able to offer cost savings to all of our valued clients without sacrificing quality through our smart procurement system. As well as menu printing, we offer a whole suite of printing solutions including reports printing, training manual printing, and events printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key considerations in Menu printing?


There’s nothing worse than a tired old menu – you want to inspire cravings and hunger in your customers, not boredom or confusion! Having a vibrant, engaging menu is important, so design will always be an essential factor when it comes to menu printing. If you’re not skilled with a paintbrush or formatting, don’t worry – we can refer some amazing freelance artists and designers who work regularly with our clients in the hospitality sector.


Another key factor in menu printing is whether or not your menu will contain photographs. Displaying photographs of the food you serve can provide something engaging and mouth-watering for the customer to look at, but can substantially increase your printing costs. If your budget is limited, you’ll need to keep this in mind.


Are your menus going to be one-time use or are they going to be designed for durability? If you’re looking to create one-time use menus, we can offer eco-friendly recycled paper, as well as bulk deals for larger orders. If you’d prefer that your menus last long-term, we can offer lamination and a gloss finish to make them more durable – no more sticky fingerprints!


Menus don’t just come in the classic A4 form or booklet form. With our menu printing services, you can get creative with your menus: you can create table-talker style menus with numerous panels, or concertina menus that expand and fold out. If your restaurant or bar is more minimalist, you can always stick to the more traditional formats and opt for a booklet menu or single sheet menu.

What are some of your popular menu finishes?

Laminated Gloss Finish

A laminated gloss finish menu is a sleek, elegant way to protect your menus from sticky hands and coca-cola spills. Easily ‘wipeable,’ laminated menus are the best investment if you’re wanting to produce menus that will last longer than a Friday night.

Spot UV Finish
If you want to get a little fancy with your menus, you can add a spot UV finish to emphasise your logo, restaurant name or certain items on your menu. As spot UV finishes are more expensive, you might want to use this finish on a smaller menu, such as the wine menu or a cocktail menu.

Will you be able to meet a last-minute deadline?

We understand that the hospitality sector is non-stop, and we always do our best to keep up with it! We’ve worked with lots of clients in this busy sector, and we always manage to meet our deadlines – even the last minute ones! While we can’t guarantee that all short-notice requests will be possible, we’ll always strive to meet them. If we can’t meet your given deadline or we’re in the midst of one of our peak periods (e.g., back to school season) we’ll offer alternative dates as close to your proposed deadline as possible.

Why choose our menu printing services?

At Avenue Printing, we’re professionals working with professionals. Whether a client is a small business or a dominant global corporation, it isn’t important to us. What we care about is the quality we offer for our finished products, and always ensuring that we produce printed products to the highest possible standard. We also price every job carefully – we’ll always offer cost-effective pricing and discounts on larger, bulk orders.

On top of that, we offer a cooperative and communicative customer service experience. Every order placed with Avenue Printing will be supervised and monitored by one of our expert team members, so you’ll be able to give us a ring if you have a problem, a question, or if you need to make a last-minute amendment.

What do our customers have to say about us?

We love making our customers happy – our motto is simple: once you’re happy, we’re happy. And if our 5-star rating on Google is anything to go by, our customers are very happy with our printing services:

“Jonathan and his team were very punctual about my order and mass produced the calendars at a very high quality. The central location of the office made it very convenient and accessible for meetings.”

  • Zoe

“I have always had a great experience with Avenue printing. We often come to them in times of crisis with tight deadlines and large demands, however they always manage to deliver excellent looking materials within our impossible timelines! They consistently go out of their way to ensure the demands of their clients are met and they always do a fantastic job.”

  • Megan
What other printing services do we provide?

If you’re in the catering or hospitality sector, we don’t just offer menu printing services! We offer a wide range of printed items, from table talkers to point of sale advertisements:

Table Talker Printing

Got a new special you’re working on? Or a new 2-for-1 deal you want to promote for an upcoming holiday? You can use table talkers to promote your business, highlight new offers and bag sales for highlighted items. We provide table talkers in various finishes, styles and sizes, so you can create a design that reinforces your business’ brand and identity. Give your customers something to look at while they’re waiting on their cocktails, and bag some sales while you’re at it!

For more on table talker printing, take a look at our table talker printing page. 

Point of Sale Printing

If you’re running a busy restaurant or bar with customers queuing up to order some of your delicious offerings, point of sale printing is a great way to land more sales, promote offers and solidify your brand. Whether you’re after some engaging posters, A-boards promoting the daily special or some colourful banners inviting customers to your website, point of sale printing is a great way to grow your business.

Take a look at our point of sale printing page here for more information.

Beermat Printing

Yes you heard that right, we also offer beermat printing! If there’s an event coming up or you just want to give your establishment a lick of new paint (okay, a lick of new beermats), we can help you out.

For more information on some of our more unusual printing services, take a look at our page here.