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We know exactly how impactful your printed outreach can be, and what better place to reach out than over a drink? Our printed beer mats offer the opportunity to perfectly place your marketing, customised to bring your vision to life and form an impactful and valuable part of your campaign. Our specialism in corporate printing and our use of smart procurement systems enable us to meet your needs to perfection.

Specialised Beer Mat Printing for Businesses

The fundamentals form the basis of the product – high absorbency specialist wood pulp board, chosen for durability and the ability to maintain sharp imagery. Our mats are totally recyclable, down to the vegetable-based inks, working for your client as well as the environment. Whatever your campaign or event, we’ve got your back on this one; our beer mat printing can come as part of a bigger promotional suite, and we can also produce multiple kinds in one print run or offer a short run cost effectively if you’re reaching out to a more specific target audience.

Tiegan Bentley-Hall
Tiegan Bentley-Hall
We have recently opened a new sweet shop – Secret Sweet Shack & we needed roughly around 4,000 leaflets printed. After searching relentlessly & getting quotes of £200+ I was so pleased to be offered 4,000 for just £125 from Avenue Printing. Such a bargain & you wouldn’t be able to tell that from the quality of the leaflets at all! I liased with Jonathan & I honestly could not fault Avenue Printing for a second – very responsive and helpful, super lovely & were absolutely bang on our deadline. We will definitely be returning for our next batch. Thank you so much Avenue Printing!!!
BALBOA Interiors
BALBOA Interiors
Beautifully finished business cards, Jonathan was a pleasure to deal with. Thank you Avenue Printing!
Zoe Tockman
Zoe Tockman
Jonathan and his team were very punctual about my order and mass produced the calendars at a very high quality. The central location of the office made it very convenient and accessible for meetings.
Suzon Lagarde
Suzon Lagarde
Second time working with Avenue Printing Ltd and not the last. The result has been perfect both time (an exhibition catalogue and a picture book), advices and guidance are precious and on point with what I’m looking for and my budget. Jonathan is always really quick to answer and thorough.
susan daniels
susan daniels
Jonathan and the team have just produced two annual reports for two organisations I am involved with, as ever, to a very high quality. They are always accommodating and achieve a very quick turnaround time. A very personal service.
James Bland
James Bland
Excellent and speedy printing, great customer service.
Kirkland UK
Kirkland UK
Thank you so much for you and your teams efforts in producing our wonderful piece of marketing material. We are very happy with the quality of print and time spent on getting it right.
Emma Dickens
Emma Dickens
A friendly and efficient service. Jonathan at Avenue was on hand to answer all of my questions quickly and clearly. The print quality is excellent. A very reliable company.
Chiraag Amarnani
Chiraag Amarnani
Efficient, quick, high quality service with really helpful staff that are always on hand to help and advise. Great rates too!


View our Beermat Printing examples

Beer Mat For Marketing Campaign

Beer Mat For Marketing Campaign

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Beer Mat For Marketing Campaign

Beer Mat For Marketing Campaign

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Beermat Printing Finishes and Styles

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Why Choose Avenue Printing

Exceptional Service

Management of your job from pdf, to print, to delivery.

The Avenue promise

It’s simple. We’re not happy until you’re happy.

Print Simplicity

Printing can be complex, we make it simple for you.

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About Avenue Printing

Avenue Printing has had the privilege of working with a range of companies and brands in diverse fields, including marketing agencies, graphic designers and the food and drink industry, such as Pitcher and Piano, J.D. Wetherspoon, and Lloyds No. 1 Bar. We work hard to be a reliable printing partner and produce the highest quality outcome that’s just what you’re looking for, and we’re able to achieve impactful cost savings too. As well as beermats, we also offer a wide range of other services for all your printing needs, for example, direct mail, wiro binding printing, and saddle stitch printing, which you find out more about here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key considerations in beer mat printing?


When it comes to beer mat printing, it’s all about the design. If you’re creating beer mats for your own business (such as a bar, restaurant or café), you’ll want to use the beer mat as a way to promote your business’ branding and marketing. If you’re creating a beer mat for a gift (our customers love beer mats for stag dos) then you’ll want to go for something fun, like a photo or catchy slogan.

We’ve got go-to creatives and artists that work with us when fulfilling creative orders, so you can always get some help if you need it.

Bulk ordering

Another key concern when it comes to beer mat printing will be the cost and the size of your order. If you’re ordering for a business, you’ll probably want to order in bulk to get the best deal. We offer competitive, cost-efficient prices for any large orders, so we can help you get more for less. If you’re creating beer mats for a one-off special occasion and will only need a limited number of beer mats, cost won’t be as much of an issue.

Special Board

While a beer mat can make for a fun token or souvenir, it’s principal purpose is practicality. You don’t want your beer mats to get ruined with any spilt drinks or beer overflow. Beer mat board is a specially designed wood pulp board which is highly absorbent. It can absorb water/beer/wine etc any beverage and dry out again without losing its shape. In fact, they can be soaked many times over without the mat losing shape or causing the inks to run Our board will ll keep your beet mats in tip-top condition and they’ll last much longer.

Can you always meet an urgent deadline? 

We’ll always try our hardest to accept last-minute beer mat orders, even if you’re on a tight deadline. Our ability to fulfil last minute orders will be subject to a couple of factors:

  • The size of your order (bulk order requests might not be possible when given at the last minute.)
  • The amount of notice given before the deadline. We’re much better equipped to deal with a last-minute deadline of a week’s notice than a day’s notice.
  • The complexity of your order. If your order is complicated, custom or necessitates special finishes, it will naturally take longer for us to fulfil.

While we do always aim to accept last-minute orders, we’ll never compromise on quality. If we know that we won’t be able to deliver your deadline, we’ll let you know beforehand and offer a different date.


Why print beer mats with us? 

With 30 years experience in the printing world, don’t look elsewhere for your beer mat printing needs. We’ve got the expertise, the tools and that all-important personal touch that makes all the difference to a great customer experience.

With insta-printing services, there’s no recourse if you change your mind or need a last-minute adjustment. At Avenue, we’ll assign you an account manager to manage all of your orders with us, so there’s always someone at the end of the phone if you have a problem or need to change something. We won’t fob you off with automated emails or extra charges for nothing, we offer an authentic customer experience that our clients love.

We also offer durable, high-absorbency specialist wood pulp board for all our beer mats, so you’ll enjoy high resolution images and a durable product that can go the distance.

What do Avenue customers say about our services?

“Helpful” “super lovely” “bang on deadline” – these are excerpts from just a few of our happy customers’ reviews on Google. Take a look at what some of our other clients have to say about our printing services: (PS – we’ve maintained a 5-star Google rating for our business since opening our website. When you want quality, choose Avenue.)

“Avenue is my favourite supplier when it comes to print. They aren’t only helpful but also have the right solution to my client’s budget in hand. The quality of their print is top at a very reasonable price. Never had a complaint from a customer but the opposite, I’ve always been praised. I totally recommend their services.”

  • Narcis

“Second time working with Avenue Printing Ltd and not the last. The result has been perfect both time (an exhibition catalogue and a picture book), advices and guidance are precious and on point with what I’m looking for and my budget. Jonathan is always really quick to answer and thorough.”

  • Suzon

Do you offer other printing services? 

We don’t just do beer mat printing. Whether you’re looking for other printed tokens and souvenirs or you’re running a business in the hospitality sector, we’ve got every printing need covered. From leaflets to promotional printing, we cover every base.

If you’re thinking about beer mat printing, here are some of our other printing services that might interest you:

Menu Printing Services

If it’s been a few years since you’ve updated your menus, we can handle the makeover. We offer menus with all the trimmings attached – foil prints, durable protection and stylised any way you want. For more information about Avenu’s menu printing services, click here.

Table Talker Printing

Want to promote your latest buy-one-get-one-free offer, or direct customers to your new website or app? Table talkers do exactly that, and we print them for our clients in the hospitality and service sectors. Whether you want something creative or traditional, you can learn more about table talker printing with Avenue here.

Flyers and Promotional Printing Services

Taking your restaurant online but want more direct orders from customers? Compete with the delivery apps by designing your own glossy leaflets. With endless opportunities for customisation and brand marketing, our flyer printing services can help you promote your business in your local area. Discover more about our flyer and promotional printing services here.