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A programme isn’t just a tool communicating the order of proceedings at an event. Yes, the primary function is to present clear and accessible information, however, programmes are often used as mementoes or keepsakes. With this in mind, the quality of the print can make all the difference and create a lasting impression long after the event is finished. Here at Avenue Printing, we’re printing partners with marketing departments, graphic designers and corporate businesses to create and produce the perfect printed programme that functions both practically and for marketing purposes.

Specialist Programme Printing for Businesses

Whether you’ve designed a simple handout or require a laminated or glossy souvenir type programme, we can produce a number of finishes and sizes printed of a choice of paper types (sustainable paper available) to create a programme that you can be proud of. We can produce high-resolution programmes in a number of formats including saddle-stitched or a stapled spine programme. Even if you have unusual requirements for your programme, we can help you to achieve the look you imagined.


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GDPR Training Calendar

GDPR Training Calendar

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GDPR Training Calendar

GDPR Training Calendar

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Programme Printing Finishes and Styles

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About Avenue Printing

Avenue Printing offers unique and high-quality printing services to a wide variety of corporate clients, including large firms like Shell and Barclays or SME’s throughout the UK. We provide a diverse range of printing services with the unique ability to produce something truly bespoke and unique for a hugely competitive price. As well as offering programme printing, we are able to offer a range of other options, including but not limited to book printing, business stationery, and corporate printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important considerations in programme printing services?

Looking to create a keepsake for your annual conference, Christmas do or even a school prom? We specialise in programme printing services for all occasions, whether you’re looking to create something organisational or a souvenir token to remember your event by.

If you’re interested in our programme printing services, here are some important considerations to take into account:


Whether you’re placing an order for a keepsake programme or something more detail-orientated, having a sophisticated design is what will make your programme stand out the most. If you need help finalising your design or bringing your ideas to life, we collaborate with freelance artists and designers who can help you create an engaging, brand-coloured programme cover.

Design (interior)

The interior design of your programme is probably going to be the most important factor to take into consideration during the creation process. If you’re creating an organisational programme for a special occasion such as a conference or seasonal event, the interior design will be simpler, and will necessitate only having your information structured in a clear and coherent way.

If you’re creating a programme designed to be kept as a memento, the interior design might be more complicated. Here, you can add photographs, luxury finishes and special custom designs.


Another key factor to take into consideration is the size of your programme. Most programmes can be printed efficiently on A4 and A5 paper, although we’re also able to handle custom orders if you specify your needs beforehand.

Cost Variables

When it comes to programme printing, your order will naturally be subject to various cost variables. One of the most important cost influencers will be the size of your order – if you’re making programmes for a large event, you’ll probably want to order in bulk. We offer cost-effective pricing for all bulk orders, so make sure to specify the size of your order when you speak with us.

Another cost influencer will be the finished size of the paper you use for your programme, with larger sizes costing more than smaller options. Note that we can also offer recycled paper if you prefer to go eco-friendly with a large or bulk order.

Finally, the overall cost of your order will also be influenced by any extras you decide to add to your programme’s design. These can include luxury finishes, extra for enhanced durability and personal add-ons such as colour photographs for the programme’s interior.

What finishes are available for programme printing? 

Spot UV Finishes
If you want to add a real professional touch and enhance the durability of your programme, Spot UV finishes are ideal. Spot UV adds a glossy, thicker, smoothing coating to selected parts of your programme’s cover (for example, logos and branding) to highlight important information or a particular design. Spot UV finishes look great on professional programmes, adding a touch of luxe and glamour.


Die-cutting works by cutting shapes onto a printed product, revealing information or simply creating a more innovative design. Die-cutting is ideal for more creative programmes or programmes designed to be kept as souvenirs and mementoes.

Foil Finishes
If you’re creating a programme for a seasonal event such as a corporate Christmas party, a foil finish is your best bet. Using metal, foil finishes create metallic, shiny textures on selected areas of your programme cover (similar to Spot UV) and helps important information stand out. Foil finishes are highly glamorous and luxurious, but like all luxury finishes, they will increase the overall cost of your order.

Can you make an urgent deadline? 

At Avenue, we aim to always take on every order – even if it’s last-minute! That being said, some factors can impact our ability to take on an order with an urgent deadline. These include your order’s size (aka how many printed products you’ll need for the complete order), the design itself (are there lots of extras, etc) and the timeframe of your deadline. We might also be unable to carry out urgent deadlines during our busiest periods, such as the festive seasons and back-to-school periods.

If you’re working on a tight deadline, we’d advise you to give us a ring at 01732 742397 or fill out our form online. With more details about your project and expectations, we’ll be able to give you a concrete answer on whether or not meeting your deadline will be possible.

Why Do Programme Printing with Us? 

At Avenue, we guarantee a customer-driven experience. We offer cost-effective pricing, high quality products and we’ll even help with any design aspect of your order. Our aim is to ensure that your finished product corresponds exactly to your aspirations and expectations.

Unlike automated printing services or online printing services, we offer instant customer service. Once you’ve placed an order with us, you’ll be able to communicate as often as you need about your order with your assigned project manager. We’ll handle any change requests, and adjustments and even meet urgent or tight deadlines.

What do our customers have to say about us?

“Avenue is my favourite supplier when it comes to print. They aren’t only helpful but also have the right solution to my client’s budget in hand. The quality of their print is top at a very reasonable price. Never had a complaint from a customer but the opposite, I’ve always been praised.”

  • Narcis

“Mark was fantastic to work with at Avenue Printing and went above and beyond to deliver what Lotame needed for a recent conference that required many moving parts, including multiple drop off locations, urgent deadlines and final hour requests. The quality and customer support exceeded my expectations. I would recommend giving Avenue Printing a try for your next event, or any upcoming print project!”

  • Danielle

What other types of printing services do we provide? 

Whether you’re a small business owner, the headmaster of a school or working in the marketing department of a global business, we offer printing solutions for every need. Take a look at our other corporate printing services available and please do reach out if you can’t find the service you’re after.