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We offer quality wiro bound printing for a range of products. Wiro binding uses coated metal wires to bind documents together like a notepad. Whether it’s for a desk calendar, a recipe book or a notepad, we’ve got you covered; our use of smart procurement technology, our high-quality materials and our team of talented and experienced professionals are the perfect combination to produce a wiro bound product cost effectively.

Specialised Wiro Binding Printing for Businesses

Wiro binding offers a wealth of benefits, most particularly the ability for your document to lie completely flat when open, as well as fold back on itself. This is exceptionally useful in a wide range of contexts, especially for note taking situations or reference needs, and this binding has the additional benefit of being able to sit in a tent structure when necessary, too. The practical uses of wiro binding make wiro bound print products exceptionally useful in any context, as well as valuable products to find at conferences and in any office.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Wiro binding (also known as wire binding) is a great way to secure your printed products and enhance the durability of any notebook, document, and plenty of other print materials. Wiro binding is a very familiar type of binding, using a circular metal coil to bind the pages together. Below we’ve answered some of your most commonly asked questions about wiro binding – let’s take a look.

If you’re going to be creating printed products, there are a couple of things you’ll want to take into consideration before making your order:

Cost. If you’re mass producing printed materials such as notebooks, adding wiro binding can impact the overall cost of your order. The same goes for adding wiro binding to products such as reports, official documents, or brochures. If your aim is to create something durable, the binding will be worth the extra cost. However, if you’re creating a report or document that might only be read once or twice, wiro binding would be considered more of an optional aesthetic choice. 

Finish. Adding a finish to a wiro-bound product is a great way to enhance its durability further and create a sleek, professional final product. Matt, silk, and glossy finishes are some of our most popular finishes for products bound with wiro binding.

Design. Wiro bound products are frequently used to create gifts such as photo albums, notebooks, and commercial brochures. If you need help with the design aspect of your product, we work with designers and artists who can help put your creative ideas on paper – literally!

The great thing about a wiro binding is that the document always lays flat on the table or desk, making it great for training manuals & notebooks. 

Wiro binding can be used for commercial and personal purposes. For example, you might want to add some wiro binding to your university dissertation to give it a professional finish. Similarly, wiro binding can also be used to create personalised notebooks, organisers, diaries, books, and planners.

On a commercial level, wiro binding is also commonly used to bind together printed products such as catalogues, brochures, training manuals, prospectuses, welcome manuals, and even menus. If you’re using wiro binding on a product that is designed to be used for long-term purposes (such as a training manual) you’ll also want to ensure adequate protection for the printed content, such as page lamination.

There’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to any wiro binding order, which is why it’s impossible to determine any fixed quote or cite a particular figure when it comes to costs. In general, the cost of wiro binding will depend on your order; the size of your order, the complexity of the project, and any other added extras (such as lamination, or special finishes such as embossing or de-bossing.)

Naturally, the larger your order, the higher the costs are going to be. That being said, at Avenue Printing we always offer cost-effective pricing on large or bulk orders, so you can get more for less. 

If you’re looking to use wiro binding for an order and want to know how much it costs, the best idea is to speak with one of our team at our Kent office. Once you’ve explained the specifications of your project, we’ll be better placed to give you a realistic quote. 

Aside from helping your printed products last longer, wiro binding also offers the following benefits:

  • Add a sleek or professional touch to academic documents. Whether it’s your PHD thesis or your undergraduate dissertation, adding wiro binding to your academic work adds a real professional touch. While it isn’t going to impact your final grade, you’ll certainly make a great impression with the marker.
  • Versatility. What’s great about wiro binding is that you can use it for almost any hand-held printed product; from notebooks, planners, organisers and diaries, to brochures, training manuals, and catalogues.
  • Flexible. Another great thing about wiro binding is that it’s probably the most flexible form of binding in the printing world; you can easily turn the pages in your report, book, or brochure without damaging the integrity of the product nor its interior pages. You can also lie the product flat at any page, making it easy to reference when working 1-to-1.
  • Practical: its the only type of finish that sits truly flat on the table. 
  • Prevent page loss. There’s nothing more irritating than losing an important page of a document or report. With wiro binding, all pages remain securely bound together.

Wiro bound products are highly professional, and also help keep your printed products in good condition. While wiro binding does prevent page loss, it can’t protect paper from stains or damage; for this reason, if you’re going to be using wiro binding for an important printed document (such as a dissertation, report, or other paper documents) we’d recommend adding lamination or acetate covers: this will help protect the interior pages from fingerprints and spillages.

What kind of paper should I use for wire bound products?

You can use any type of paper for wiro bound products. If you’re looking to create something durable for long-term use (such as a training manual) we’d recommend using slightly thicker paper.

Wiro binding services at Avenue Printing

At Avenue Printing, we pride ourselves on offering a service that combines a personalised experience with the highest-quality printed products. We’ll always go above and beyond to ensure that your final order corresponds exactly with what you were looking for. Once you’re happy, we’ll be happy.

We offer affordable wiro binding services for a wide variety of different printed products – get in touch with us today and let’s talk about your project. 

If you have a last-minute order to make, we’ll always do our best to fulfil it on time. For small orders, we’ll generally need at least 48 hours notice to be able to accept your order, although this may change if your order is more complex. For last minute orders, contact us directly at our Kent office on 01732 742397.