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Alongside our other products, our printed wallets are a popular format for presenting accessible, professional, and informative content across a number of sectors and industries, particularly in the corporate world. We have the facilities to realise your designs exactly as you envisioned, as well as the expertise to help you develop your plans into something as functional as it is aesthetic. Between our unique designs and specialist finishes, we’ve got you covered. Enquire about our wallet printing services here.


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Brochure and Wallet

Brochure and Wallet

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Corporate Invitations for Important Events

Corporate Invitations for Important Events

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Corporate Invitation

Corporate Invitation

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Brochure and Wallet

Brochure and Wallet

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Corporate Invitations for Important Events

Corporate Invitations for Important Events

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Corporate Invitation

Corporate Invitation

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Wallet Printing Finishes and Styles

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Specialised Wallet Printing for Businesses

Our wallets are die-cut for precision and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, both with and without product inserts, tailored to your needs. To achieve a vibrant, impactful finish, we print with four colour process throughout onto 300gsm silk, although we’ve also used fluorescent ink, Pantone colour matching and foiling in past projects to add the extra touch of finesse and attention to the end result. Quality is assured through a laminated finish – matt or gloss, and the fastening can be custom chosen, too – Velcro dot, fold close and more. V

About Avenue Printing

Here at Avenue Printing, we offer high-quality and cost-saving services that finish with your ideal product in your hand. Our brilliant team use our experience and expertise to support you from conception to realisation and our resources and unique direction enable us to produce unique and interesting wallet printing. As well as wallet printing, you can find similar options like slipcase printing, or widely diverse options, from balloon printing to printing for corporate clients. Our B2B printing company have worked with Barclays, DFID, and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham as dedicated printing partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Key Considerations In Wallet Printing?

If you’re planning on jazzing up a product or simply want to give your customers or clients easy, bite-sized information about your services or business, printing personalised wallets is an effective and simple marketing tool. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when it comes to wallet printing:

Wallet Sizing

As with all printing services, the size of your desired product will impact on everything – the cost, the design, and the spectrum of possible usage. Think carefully about sizing before placing your order, and reflect on your target audience – will the text need to be larger, necessitating a larger size? Will you be using images, which will need different quality paper and materials? These are all important factors to consider to ensure your finished product will be effective and engaging.

Wallet Design

If you’re creating a wallet to promote your company or independent business, you’ll want to ensure that the design isn’t overwhelming for a potential customer. Customers dislike being bombarded with facts, figures, and lots of long, winding text. Think about incorporating colours, small graphs, or photographs into your design – you want your wallet to be as engaging as possible, not boring and unreadable. A well engineered wallet is essential for it to work properly; it has to be millimetre perfect. Our studio specialises in cardboard engineering and packaging design

How much does wallet printing cost?

This very much depends on your specification. If you’re looking for a wallet printing service for corporate, bulk needs, we at Avenue Printing can help you to get the best price. We’ll always offer cost-effective pricing when customers place larger orders.

Wallet Branding and Marketing

Another important factor to take into consideration when it comes to wallet printing is using it to market your business: a wallet can hold as much information as you need it to, but you want to be strategic. At Avenue, we’ll offer friendly advice and recommendations when providing our wallet printing services.

What are the most popular wallet finishes?

In the corporate world, wallets serve a simple purpose: they’re there to give your potential customers or clients a brief impression of your business or services while offering memorable contact information. We have a number of highly popular wallet finishes at Avenue Printing, although do note that we’re always happy to hear custom ideas if you have a particular vision.

Foil Finish

Foil finishes really do add that sleek, elegant touch to any wallet or corporate product: having a foil finish wallet gives the impression to your customers that you offer a high-quality service, and makes a great first impression on new clients.

Die-cut Finish

If you want to get creative with your wallet and compel any potential client or customer to engage with your product, opt for a die-cut finish! A die-cut finish helps to create custom shapes or a cut-out design; this is a great option if you want to highlight your creativity or ingenuity. Tabs and glue flaps will also need to be die-cut to ensure they work smoothly.

What if I have an urgent deadline?

We’re no stranger to last minute deadlines – we understand that the corporate world is fast-paced and ever changing, and we do our best to accommodate a deadline, even one given with short notice. As we work with lots of different clients from up and down the UK, we won’t always be able to fulfil a last-minute order to deadline. Sometimes we simply need more time to fulfil your order – especially if you place an order in bulk, or with a complicated design process. We’ll always try to provide an alternative deadline, if you choose to continue working with us.

If you’re needing to place a last-minute order, give us a call at our Kent office line and one of our dedicated project managers will be happy to chat with you about your desired time frame for your order.

Why Choose Avenue Printing?

With over 30+ years experience as a commercial printing company, providing printing services for the corporate world, small businesses, and individual clients, we can be your go-to for all and any printing solutions.

Not only do we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality printed content, customised and tailored to your needs, but we also pride ourselves on offering 5-star customer service. Our customers rave about us on Google:

What do our customers say about us?

“A friendly and efficient service. Jonathan at Avenue was on hand to answer all of my questions quickly and clearly. The print quality is excellent. A very reliable company.”

  • Emma

“Mark was fantastic to work with at Avenue Printing and went above and beyond to deliver what Lotame needed for a recent conference that required many moving parts, including multiple drop off locations, urgent deadlines and final hour requests. The quality and customer support exceeded my expectations. I would recommend giving Avenue Printing a try for your next event, or any upcoming print project!”

  • Danielle

“Friendly, professional – great service. Definitely recommend.”

  • Peter
What other printing services do we provide?

Aside from wallet printing, Avenue offers a wide range of printing services, ranging from high quality B2B corporate printing services to offering educational printing services for colleges, schools, and universities. You can select from our available services below, or contact us to discuss your needs or ideas. No matter your printing needs, we want to hear from you!

Corporate Printing Services

We’ve worked with business clients and leaders in the corporate world for over 20 years – that’s why corporate printing is our speciality at Avenue. We can help kit out your business with customised business stationary, programmes, laminated reports or business cards.

Retail Printing

For businesses on the high street or independent sellers, we offer a range of retail printing services to make your brand stand out from its competition. We can help you with tag printing for your products, box printing to ship your items, and catalogue printing to show off your wares to potential customers.

Sleeve Printing

Adding a creative, eye-catching sleeve is a great way to upgrade an ordinary product or marketing tool (brochure, catalogue, packaging.) Customers love and appreciate these little details, and at Avenue we can help you create the perfect sleeve to engage your customers.

General Printing Services

While we cater to businesses and the corporate world, don’t be put off! We have over 20 years of expertise working with a wide, diverse list of clients from all over the UK. We offer menu printing, price list printing, card printing, and even balloon printing!