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Table talkers are the perfect way to garner attention from a wide range of different clients. Applicable in an endless quantity of situations, from the typical restaurant, bar or café scenario, to educational or corporate environments, and waiting areas – don’t let the typical perspective limit your imagination when it comes to using these simple and remarkably impactful marketing devices. View our table talker printing products below.


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Talker Menus

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Talker Menus

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Table Talker Printing Finishes and Styles

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Specialised Table Talker Printing for Businesses

The goal in this case is to firstly catch the attention, by being impactful or unique, and secondly, keep the attention, by being interesting and engaging. We’re here to help on both counts, providing a fundamental quality product that serves as the vessel for your concept. Our experienced and talented table talker printing team are available to support you through the process and offer suggestions with regards to how best to make use of our wide range of interesting and unique shapes, finishes and memorable touches.

About Avenue Printing

We’re Avenue Printing, a British print brokerage company that provide an experienced and supportive service that gets your product from an idea to a reality. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, providing B2B printing content for clients like Vodafone, J.D.Wetherspoon and fsb with outstanding results. Our service results in high-quality, beautifully finished printed products, and isn’t limited to table talker printing – we also offer wallet printing, box printing and tag printing, to name just a few. If you’re looking for a reputable printing partner – get in touch with Avenue today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are key considerations in Table Talker printing?


The main goal of a table talker is to provide your customers with information about offers, promotions, deals, and new products. But your table talker itself has to first encourage engagement with the information provided; that’s why having an engaging, eye-catching design is important. We collaborate with graphic designers and freelance artists to help our clients create vibrant, colourful, and engaging designs for their table talkers.


Table talkers come in all different forms, styles, and sizes. Picking the right style will depend on your target market, your budget, your aesthetic aspirations, as well as the shape of the table talker.

Getting Sales

The main motivation behind using a table talker as a marketing tool is to obtain sales, while also reinforcing your brand’s identity, logo, and ethos. It’s important to create a design that takes into account aesthetic preferences, while not forgetting that the information should be easy to read and memorable for the customer.

What are the most popular styles when it comes to Table Talker printing?

Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you can choose between various different styles of table talkers. No matter the style you choose, we’ll always send our easy-to-assemble table talkers flat-packed for convenience.

Tent Card
Tent cards are perfect for cafes and restaurants, as they can stand on their own and have lots of space available where you can include information about your promotions, products, or offers. Customers in restaurants tend to spend lots of time waiting for food and drinks, so you have a bit more freedom to get wordy with a table talker.


Triangle (or pyramid) table talkers are ideal for bars, offices, salons, and other environments where customers and clients might not have lots of time to read long blocks of text. Triangles have three sides where you can place text, images, and other information related to promotions, offers, or your business, so it’s important to be economic with your design.


Star-shaped table talkers are great for creating informative, in-depth table talkers. You could even use a star-shaped table talker as a drinks menu, or a-la-carte menu for your café, restaurant, or bar.

Can you meet last-minute table talker printing deadlines?

At Avenue, we always try our hardest to accept tight and last-minute deadlines for our clients. We work closely with clients in the corporate world, so we know how last-minute and hectic things can get. If you have a short deadline and want to use our table talker printing services, reach out to us first before placing an order. You can reach us via our online enquiries form or at our office in Kent.

Can you provide any extras with your table talker printing?

When placing a custom order for table talkers, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from the following extras:

Spot-UV is a great way to add that sophisticated touch to your table talker; Spot UV involves applying a UV finish to small, distinct parts of your table talker – such as your brand logo or slogan.


Foiling demonstrates creativity, attention to detail, and won’t have any problems grabbing the attention of your customers. Gold and silver foiling detailing can be provided for your table talker at a reasonable extra cost.

Gloss Lamination

If you want to give your table talker that eye-catching finish, a sleek gloss lamination does the trick – it also keeps your table talker clean, protecting it from spilled drinks and oily fingers.

Matt Lamination

Matt Lamination offers a sophisticated finish and is ideal for table talkers in the corporate world. While the finish isn’t as shiny and sleek as a glossy lamination, it promotes professionalism and is more appropriate for the world of business.

Why Choose Avenue Printing for table talker printing?

At Avenue Printing, we consider your success to be our success. We never cut corners when it comes to your printing needs – we’ll always do our absolute best to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the finished product. With insta-printing services or online printing services, there’s no such guarantee. With us, we’ll assign a dedicated project manager to overlook your order, who will be available 5 days a week to respond to all your questions, queries, and request changes.


What do our customers think about us?

Here are just a few testimonials from our happy customers:

“Avenue is my favourite supplier when it comes to print. They aren’t only helpful but also have the right solution to my client’s budget in hand. The quality of their print is top at a very reasonable price. Never had a complaint from a customer but the opposite, I’ve always been praised.”

  • Narcis

“Jonathan and the team have just produced two annual reports for two organisations I am involved with, as ever, to a very high quality. They are always accommodating and achieve a very quick turnaround time. A very personal service.”

  • Susan

What other corporate printing services do we provide?

At Avenue Printing, corporate printing is our speciality. With over 20 years of experience working for business clients both local and nationwide, we offer the following printing services for your business or organisation:

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Adding a slipcase to your product’s packaging is a great way to reinforce your brand identity and give your customers something pretty to look at. You’d be surprised just how much free advertising you can get on social media from pretty packaging! We offer high quality slipcase printing for all types of businesses.

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Pocket Folder Printing

Using a personalised pocket folder is an easy way to impress potential customers and clients: pocket folders imply professionalism and sophistication, and are even better when customised with your brand identity! Whether you need help with a design or are raring to go with a ready-made template, we’re on hand to provide your pocket folder printing services.

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