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Not only does a clear and concise catalogue demonstrates professionalism – it can facilitate sales and increase orders. At Avenue Printing, we specialise in corporate catalogue printing – bringing your product or service to life. Whether you’re looking to provide a branded hard copy to demonstrate your products or services, we know just how to work with our clients to create the most impactful and engaging catalogue that truly represents your brand.

Specialist Business Catalogue Printing

There is an endless selection of possibilities for the design and outcome of your catalogue. We’re able to offer the services of our talented team, who can realise your concept to an exceptional standard from design to printing. Additionally, we can offer a number of catalogue finishes – fold, stitch and trim with special Spot UV finish, and die cut with a special Pantone colour finish. We also give the choice of using recycled paper, for reducing that all-important environmental impact. We provide an impeccable catalogue printing result with perfect folding, eye-catching colour and a professional, durable finish.


View our Catalogue Printing examples

Printed Catalogue for Music Industry

Printed Catalogue for Music Industry

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Catalogue for plant and machinery company

Catalogue for plant and machinery company

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Printed Catalogue for Music Industry

Printed Catalogue for Music Industry

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Catalogue for plant and machinery company

Catalogue for plant and machinery company

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Catalogue Printing Finishes and Styles

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About Avenue Printing

For over twenty years, we’ve been producing high-quality catalogues here at Avenue Printing from our base in the UK. We work with a range of corporate companies offering a diverse range of expert printing services, providing cost efficiencies through our ‘smart procurement systems.’ We’re a trusted partner for a number of corporate entities such as Vodafone, Shell and Barclay’s as well as many other SME’s around the UK. As well as our catalogue printing service, we’re also delighted to offer other services, such as brochure printing, events printing and business stationery printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are key considerations in Catalogue printing?


A catalogue is a long-term investment for your customers: think of the Argos catalogue, under the coffee table for years. You want to ensure that your company’s catalogue can withstand some wear and tear, so it doesn’t end up in the rubbish after a few months.

Engaging Style

A catalogue is a great way to market your business, as you can show off your products with vibrant, high-quality images and up-close photographs. To make a catalogue engaging and increase sales, you’ll want to include a colourful, eye-catching theme and high-definition images of your products.


Creating a catalogue can be costly, especially if you’re looking to use higher quality materials and glossy finishes. It’s important to know the length of your catalogue before beginning the catalogue printing process. At Avenue, we’ll always go above and beyond to find the best, cost-effective catalogue printing pricing for our clients.

What is a popular catalogue printing finish?

You want your customers to hold onto your catalogue, not throw it in the rubbish once they’ve bought something. In order for your catalogue to be durable and attractive, we recommend the following catalogue finishes:

Die Cutting
Die-cutting is a great option if you’re in the creative industry, or simply want to convey to your customers that you’re an innovative, modern organisation or company. Die-cutting involves taking a steel blade and cutting outlines or shapes into paper, typically on the cover of your catalogue. Die-cutting adds that personal touch to your catalogue, giving the impression to potential customers that you’ve got a great eye for detail.

Fold, Stitch & Trim 

Some catalogues which do have too many pages (circa 80-90 pages) will not need to be perfect bound, in which case a classic fold, stitch, and trim finish will do the trick and give you a professional, sophisticated finish.

Spot UV Finish

A Spot-UV finish is a great way to add a splash of creativity to your catalogue without going overboard on costs. Spot UV adds UV detailing to certain parts of your catalogue, such as your logo or aspects of your front cover.

What if I need to meet an urgent deadline?

We’ll always do our best to meet tight deadlines; we know how fast-paced the corporate world can be. If you have a tight deadline, send us a message or speak to one of our expert staff over the phone and explain your project and timeframes. We’ll always offer alternatives if we can’t make your proposed deadline.

Why Pick Avenue Printing?

At Avenue Printing, you’re dealing with expert commercial printers. During the catalogue printing process, we’ll be on hand to deal with any queries, problems, and any other issues during the process of your order. You’ll be assigned a dedicated manager for the duration of your printing project, who will be on-hand and available to answer any questions that you might have, as well as handle any amendments or last-minute changes that you might need. With Avenue Printing, you’re getting the personal experience.

What do our customers have to say about us?

If you don’t believe us, believe our 5-star ratings on Google! Here are some testimonials from our happy clients:

“I honestly could not fault Avenue Printing for a second – very responsive and helpful, super lovely & were absolutely bang on our deadline. We will definitely be returning for our next batch. Thank you so much Avenue Printing!!!”

  • Tiegan

“[Avenue Printing] went above and beyond to deliver what Lotame needed for a recent conference. […] The quality and customer support exceeded my expectations. I would recommend giving Avenue Printing a try for your next event, or any upcoming print project!”

  • Danielle
What size catalogues can we print?

At Avenue, we’ll print catalogues in most sizes. However, we’d recommend opting for the classic A4 style sizing for corporate catalogues. If you’re in a specific creative industry, you might prefer something unconventional – we’re always happy to talk through catalogue printing options with our customers.

Do we offer any extras? 

We offer a couple of extras when it comes to catalogue printing:

Recycled Paper

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of using lots of paper for your catalogues – don’t worry! At Avenue, we offer our clients the possibility of using recycled paper, so you can send out your catalogues without worrying about the effect on the environment.

Laminate Covers

If you want to give your catalogue that all-important professional touch, using a laminate cover (either matte, gloss, or silk) can really help make a good impression on potential customers.

What other corporate printing services do we provide?

At Avenue Printing, we do more than just catalogue printing. We work with clients all over the UK, from local businesses to nationwide corporations. We provide a diverse range of corporate printing services, including the following:

Notebook Printing

Whether you’re looking to create a creative corporate gift or simply settle in new employees with a personalised welcome pack, notebook printing is one of our most popular services at Avenue. Whether you have your own design ready or want us to help you find the perfect finish, we’ll handle your notebook printing needs from step one to completion.

Slipcase Printing

Slipcases are a great way to market your business with little effort: a slipcase can be a great way to highlight your business successes or boast about your eco-friendly manufacturing process. At Avenue, we can handle slipcase printing from the design process to print. While we’re not designers ourselves, we work with a host of freelance graphic designers and artists, who will be happy to bring your creative ideas to life.

Brochure Printing

What’s a better way to land a sale than with a high-quality, glossy brochure? Brochures let your customers know that you’re serious and professional, and we’ve got over 20 years of brochure-printing expertise to help you.

Report Printing

Whether you’re writing a business plan, working as a busy accountant, or drawing up financial overheads, having an easy-to-read, presentable report is essential if you’re going to be sharing it with clients or customers. Whether you’re a sole trader or corporate representative, we can help you with all your report printing needs.

If you’re looking for a printing partner – get in touch today.