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So, you’ve got your customer already checking out, but that’s definitely not the end of their journey. First of all, you’ve got them waiting, at a till or in a queue or for the self-service machine, so you’ve got a captive audience, and most importantly, a captive audience who are easily bored – that means they’re looking around, taking in their environment and looking to interact with their surroundings. This is where point of sale printing comes in. Point of sale is such a powerful marketing technique because all you have to do is make your service memorable, or encourage that split-second, last-minute grab of a small product, and your success increases exponentially.


View our Point of sale Printing examples

Bespoke Printed POS Display for shop floor

Bespoke Printed POS Display for shop floor

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Beer Mat For Marketing Campaign

Beer Mat For Marketing Campaign

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Bespoke Printed POS Display for shop floor

Bespoke Printed POS Display for shop floor

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Beer Mat For Marketing Campaign

Beer Mat For Marketing Campaign

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Point of sale Printing Finishes and Styles

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About Avenue Printing

In business for over twenty years as print brokers, we’re a successful print management firm who can guarantee you an exceptional level of service and an outstanding end product. Here at Avenue Printing, our B2B printing team work with our esteemed clients – including Shell, Pitcher and Piano and fsb – to realise your unique and interesting designs and bring your visions to life in print. As a printing partner, we’re able to offer competitive cost cutting on top of high-quality resources, exceptional service and an outstanding finish on all of our printed products. Point of sale printing is just the tip of the iceberg – we work in multiple fields offering a diverse range of printing possibilities, from box printing to sleeve printing to balloon printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are key considerations in Point of Sale printing?


Point of sale printing is all about marketing: you’re going to want to create eye-catching designs that convince customers to make that all-important sale. Point of sale marketing is about creating, above all, a convincing message. At Avenue, we work with graphic designers and artists so that you can get all your creative marketing ideas down on paper – literally!


When it comes to point-of-sale printing, you’re certainly not limited by size. You can request large, wall-filling posters or small displays to sit on checkouts or at the cash desk. While you’re not limited creatively by size, size can be a limiting factor when it comes to costs. Larger items tend to cost more and may take longer to print or assemble.

Brand Recognition

While point-of-sale marketing is about making sales, it’s also about creating and maintaining your brand voice. You’ll want to use point-of-sale marketing wisely, to make sure that you reinforce your brand image and identity while landing those all-important sales.

What are the most popular types of Point of Sale printing?


Posters are great for placing around your business; you can land extra sales, sign up extra customers to online programmes and loyalty schemes, or simply promote an upcoming product, event, or promotion.


Point-of-sale banners are great for embedding your brand’s image in the environment of your shop, business, or office. Whether it be enforcing your logo, brand colours, or slogan, a banner is an effective point-of-sale marketing tool for any business.

Leaflets and Leaflet Holders

The great thing about using a leaflet as a point-of-sale marketing tool is that the customer can take it home with them: we offer point-of-sale flyer printing services, with bulk orders available at cost-effective prices.


You probably walk past successful A-boards every day – those swinging signs perched outside pubs, coffee shops, and small businesses, all promoting their latest meal deal or 2-for-1 offer. Bring customers in from the street with a vibrant, engaging a-board poster.


What happens if I have an urgent deadline for my POS printing?

If you have an urgent deadline, it’s essential that you let us know while you’re in the process of placing your order. We’ll always strive to meet last-minute deadlines for our clients and customers, and will always let you know when it’s not possible. We’re always happy to suggest alternative dates if your deadline is more flexible. If you do have an inflexible, tight deadline, make sure to contact us by submitting an enquiry form on our website or contacting us via phone at our Kent office.

Why Work with Avenue Printing?

Who better to understand the needs of a business than a business itself? We’ve been running Avenue Printing for over 20 years, enjoyed continued growth even as the world goes digital. We know printing, and we know marketing. Who better for your point of sale printing needs?

We also offer excellent, personalised customer service for all our clients, whether you’re a freelancer, a student, or a large multinational corporation. With a project manager assigned to your order, you’ll be able to communicate with us about any questions, changes, or last minute amendments.

What do our customers have to say about us?

At Avenue, we’re a customer-first business. Our mantra is simple: when you’re happy, we’re happy. Here’s what a couple of our happy customers had to say about doing business with us:

“I have always had a great experience with Avenue printing. We often come to them in times of crisis with tight deadlines and large demands, however they always manage to deliver excellent looking materials within our impossible timelines! They consistently go out of their way to ensure the demands of their clients are met and they always do a fantastic job.”

  • Megan

“I used Avenue to print some luxurious art books and found them efficient and great quality.” 

  • Lavinia

“Efficient, quick, high quality service with really helpful staff that are always on hand to help and advise. Great rates too!”

  • Chiraag

“Friendly, professional – great service. Definitely recommend.”

  • Peter


What sizes do you offer for Point of Sale printing?

As point of sale marketing can be so diverse, we offer our printing services in all sizes – whether it be a large poster, a small banner, or an extra-large corporate screen. We’re always happy to discuss sizing options with our customers to find the best printing sizes for your needs.

What other corporate printing services do we provide?

We specialise in all forms of corporate printing, not just point of sale printing services. Here are just some of the other corporate printing services you can use when you do business with Avenue Printing:

Programme Printing

Whether it’s an annual conference, a corporate event, or a branch party, having a detailed, easy-to-read programme makes everything run smoother and simpler. We provide programme printing services for all businesses small and large, with cost-effective pricing available for larger orders.

Read more about our programme printing services here.

Sleeve Printing Services

Marketing is about taking the initiative to sell your products, your brand ethos, and your brand identity at every opportunity – even on your product packaging! This is where sleeve printing can come in handy for your growing business: if you’re looking to add that extra touch to your product packaging, brochure, or catalogue, our sleeve printing services will do the trick.

Read more about our sleeve printing services here.

Notebook Printing

Whether you want to create a corporate gift or a personalised souvenir, our notebook printing services can come in handy! We can create variable designs with glossy, die-cut, and padding finishes, whether your notebook is a marketing tool or a gift for a new client.

Read more about our notebook printing services here.

Box Printing

Got a new business, and looking to personalise your packaging? While we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, customers might judge a product by its packaging! With our box printing services, you can help strengthen your brand identity while enhancing the customer experience.

Read more about our box printing services here.

For point of sale printing, or if you’re looking for a reputable printing partner – get in touch with Avenue today.