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At Avenue Printing, we specialise in tag printing. The tag on your product is everything. If your customer is looking at the tag, they’ve already decided they want it, whatever ‘it’ is, which means all you have to do now is convince them it’s worth all that. A large part of that imbuing them with that sense of value, importance, luxury that your product carries and that they can see ‘it’ in their life; they have to decide they can’t go home without ‘it’. Your tag has to represent your brand perfectly, a tiny summary of your aesthetic and your vibe, and it has to look good and reflect you – a lot of people actually retain tags and even publish them on social media, particularly when they’re aesthetic, which means you’re getting an extra mile of marketing out of your tags, too.


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Tag Printing Finishes and Styles

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About Avenue Printing

Avenue Printing are a print management company based in the south of England, and we offer the opportunity to realise your unique and unusual designs as well as catering to more standard and general printing needs. Outside of tag printing, we have a diverse menu of printing services catering to a variety of industries and events, from printing for schools to printing for the entertainment industry, plus our specialism, corporate printing. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some big names, including Barclays, J.P. Morgan and Lloyds No.1 Bar, and we’d be delighted to add you to our client list, too. If you’re looking for a reputable printing partner – get in touch with Avenue today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key considerations in tag printing services?

Tag printing is an important part of the buyer process, and we’re specialists in creating and printing tags that inspire and convert. If your customer is looking at your product’s tag, they’re already at the halfway point between interest and purchase. Now, it’s the job of your tag to convince them to take that final step and buy your product.

Some key considerations in tag printing include the following:


Your product tag plays a vital role in finally convincing the customer to buy your product. Therefore, the design of your tag must reflect your business and communicate to the customer its necessity and value. We work with local designers to help bring your creative ideas to life, whether you’ve already got an idea in mind or need some creative inspiration.

Order size

As you’re probably needing tags for more than one product, tag orders typically tend to be made in bulk. We always offer cost-effective pricing for larger orders, so you can get more for your money without compromising on quality.


Having a luxe or aesthetically-pleasing product tag is the key to landing those sales, and this is where tag finishes come in. You can jazz up your product tag with a sleek, sophisticated finish that communicates your brand message and captivates the imagination of the customer. Luxury finishes will embellish your product tag, but will increase the overall cost of your order.

What are some popular finishes for tag printing? 

Foil Print

Foil print is an ideal finish if you want to create a product tag that invokes luxury and elegance. Foil print works by using metal to create a shiny, metallic design either for a logo, important text or for the entire tag itself. Foil printing works best when used sparingly – but elegantly – to highlight key information such as the name of your business, your logo or the name of the product. Read more about our foiling printing services.

Spot UV Print
Spot UV print is another type of luxury finish that will add a touch of elegance and professionalism to your product tags. Spot UV print works by adding a gloss coating to certain text, logos or information on your product tag. Again, this finish works best when used to make certain key information stand out: you can best use a Spot UV finish to establish your brand logo. Read more about our spot UV printing. 

Matt and Gloss Finishes
If you don’t have the budget for luxury finishes, we can still help you create elegant and creative tags for your business and products. For those on a budget, we’d recommend simply opting for classic matt or gloss finishes for your tags. Matt and gloss finishes are simpler to print while still guaranteeing a neat and sophisticated final look.

What happens if I have an urgent deadline? 

At Avenue Printing, we have a skilled team of project managers handling every printing order that our customers make. If you have an urgent deadline, we’ll always do our best to meet it. If we can, we’ll assign you right away to one of our talented project managers, so you can meet your deadline and still be 100% happy with the final product.

When it comes to tight deadlines, there are a couple of factors to take into consideration: the size of the order, the simplicity (or lack thereof) and your deadline. We’ll always try our hardest to fulfill any last-minute order, and we’ll never take it on if we aren’t 100% sure to get it finished on time.

Why Do Business with Avenue Printing? 

If you want to get cost-effective, fair pricing without compromising on the quality of your finished printed products, come do business with us. We have 20+ years experience as commercial printers in the printing industry, working with large multinational corporations alongside small, local businesses. We’ll assign your printing project to one of our skilled project managers to oversee quality, design and the finished product, and you’ll be able to communicate with us as often as you want about your order.

We’re even accommodating when it comes to order changes, size changes, and will even do our best to accommodate design changes where possible. Ditch the automatic, insta-printing services for a real, authentic customer service experience.

What do our customers have to say about us?

If you don’t take our word for it, our 5-star rating on Google might help! Take a look at what our happy customers have to say about us:

“I honestly could not fault Avenue Printing for a second – very responsive and helpful, super lovely & were absolutely bang on our deadline. We will definitely be returning for our next batch. Thank you so much Avenue Printing!!!”

  • Tiegan


“Avenue Printing are a professional and friendly team who always turn our tight print deadlines around on time. They have even amended/updated copy when needed. We go to them for our seasonal Lookbooks and marketing material – would recommend.”

  • Elen

What other types of printing services do we provide? 

With over 20 years of serving clients in the business world, we offer the following corporate print services alongside our tag printing services:

Tent Card Printing

Whether you want to captivate your customers with new products or simply run some creative promotional offers in your shop, tent card printing can be a great way to engage your customers and land extra sales. Read more about our tent card printing services.

Point of Sale Printing

Got the customer at the checkout? Increase your sales and turnover with a persuasive point of sale printing. We specialise in point-of-sale printing and can help you create campaigns that convert and bag those extra sales. You can find more details about our point of sale printing here. 

Throwout Printing

When it comes to retaining customers, packaging is more important than some might realise. Having pretty, aesthetically-pleasing packaging can get you free advertising and promo on social media, so having an engaging design and elegant finish is essential. Find out more about our throw out printing services.