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The perfect choice for marketing or menus, our concertina fold printing will doubtlessly offer you the outreach and engagement you’re looking for. The ability to fit such a quantity of information into a small and accessible space leaves your target market full of information without feeling overwhelmed, and with our use of smart procurement systems, our fantastic range of resources, and our incredibly talented team of experienced B2B printing professionals, we have no doubt we’ll produce desired concertina fold print effect.

Specialised Concertina Fold Printing for Businesses

Our print brokers care about your product and the environment, which means we offer the option to use 100% recycled materials, even down to the ink, and most importantly, without compromising the look or finish of your brochure. We’ve taken into account the fact that these products are likely going to have a busy life, so we’ve made sure to give you a durable, wipe clean finish, so it’s easy to clean off those sticky splashes from exuberant consumers as well as quick and simple to sanitise.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Concertina fold printing is an affordable method if you want to organise information in a fun and easy-to-read way. We’ve taken the time to respond to some of our most frequently asked questions about concertina fold printing below, so scroll down for all our answers to your most common questions.
Costs. Concertina fold printing is a relatively affordable alternative to other forms of printing while also allowing you more room for text than a traditional leaflet. This means that you can get more for your money; when it comes to items such as menus, mini booklets or brochures, concertina fold printing is budget-friendly. The cost of your order will naturally be determined by the size of your order, but we offer cost-effective pricing models that allow you to order in bulk and pay less for more. Design. When it comes to concertina fold printing, the design and layout is going to play a key role in the effectiveness of the final product. After all, the advantage of this form of printing is that it allows you to condense lots of bite-sized information onto a small surface space – but being able to optimise this space effectively is key. Graphics. Materials created with concertina printing often rely on graphics and colours to grab attention and direct a user or customer towards important information. At Avenue, we work with designers and artists across the board who can help you create the best possible design without compromising on content.
Concertina printing is perhaps one of the most versatile forms of printing we offer at Avenue, with limitless opportunities for both personal and commercial use. For commercial purposes, you can use concertina fold printing for menus, leaflets, mini booklets, mini brochures, table talkers, throwaway printing, snail mail marketing, and more. You can even use concertina fold printing for destination maps or coupon booklets, as well as instruction booklets and venue booklets. You can also use concertina fold printing for personal purposes, such as children’s birthday invitations, wedding invitations, thank-you cards, and other creative greeting cards.
Concertina fold printing is a relatively affordable print method, as it doesn’t typically require special finishes and is easy to produce. However, it’s impossible to give an upfront cost, as the final price of your order will be determined by a number of supplementary factors. The most obvious factor is going to be the size of your order; the larger your order, the more you’ll end up spending. However at Avenue, we do offer cost-effective pricing on bulk orders. Other factors such as colour vs. black and white, the use of images, and the type of paper used for your order will impact the final cost. For a more detailed quote, you can contact one of our team directly and discuss your project specifications. The most important aspect though will be the actual flat size of the item and then how many folds are required. That will determine how your job will be manufactured which has a large bearing on final costs.

Aside from being an affordable print method for bulk orders, concertina fold printing comes with a wide range of other benefits:

  • Engaging. As concertina fold printing is often very image-focused, it’s much more engaging than a traditional open-out leaflet or booklet. You can use engaging images and graphics to capture the attention of customers while directing them to important information.
  • Versatile. While the space on a concertina fold isn’t limitless, you can still cover various different topics on the same product. The panels can be used to separate key information or different topics.
  • Flexible. Being both compact and flexible, a concertina fold is easy to transport or pop into a handbag, making it easier for customers or potential clients to hold onto. 
  • Creative. If you want to make a lasting impression, small details can go a long way. Using a concertina fold print – as opposed to a traditional leaflet or booklet – helps to demonstrate your brand’s creativity and ingenuity. 

One downside to concertina fold printing is that it isn’t the most durable. Due to its flexible, fold-out nature, it can’t be laminated. However, you can make your printed products more durable by adding a specific finish (such as glossy, matte, or silk) or by using thicker paper (too thick though….and it wont close neatly!). 

That being said, concertina fold printing isn’t usually used when creating printed products for long-term use, and this is reflected in its (relative) lower price. 

You can use any type of paper for concertina fold paper. If you’re not sure what type of paper to use, you can take a look at our in-depth guide here. The weight of paper is quite key for a good quality finish. Too thick and the brochure will spring open and not fold flat. 

At Avenue Printing, you’re getting a customer-focused experience that is shaped by you. Unlike your typical insta-print services, we’ll always go above and beyond to not just meet your expectations, but exceed them. With a solid five-star rating on Google from our customers, the Avenue method seems to be working!

We offer concertina fold printing services both for commercial and personal purposes, so if you’re thinking about your next print project, get in touch on 01732 742397 to discuss your needs. You can also leave us a message on our website here if you prefer, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We’ll always do everything possible to fulfil last-minute orders. If you’re working to a tight deadline and need your order ASAP, contact us at our office on 01732 742397.

During certain busy periods (such as the back-to-school period or Christmas period) we might not be able to take on a last minute order. In order to maximise your chances of getting your order fulfilled, contact one of our team as soon as possible. We’ll always offer an alternative date if we’re unable to make the given deadline.