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Industry: Food & Drink
Finish: High Absorbency Board

Beer mat printing was the central part of a suite of promotional marketing materials that also included producing leaflets, menus and posters. The beer mats were the most enduring item and helped build awareness of Tavern Snacks range of bar nibbles. Beer mat printing is a really effective way of communicating brand messages to your target audience. Don’t worry if you have a small target audience as we can also produce short run printing of beer mats cost effectively.

Printed Marketing Campaign utilising beer mat printing
Tavern Snacks Promotional Campaign


This board ensures that any spillages are absorbed and doesn’t destroy the integrity of the promotional item. The success of any marketing campaign can be related to the quality and durability of the printed materials. We use a specialist wood pulp board that, although absorbent, gives a high quality print finish. This means your imagery and branding remains pin sharp.


Super-absorbent, environmentally friendly beer mat printing
Super-Absorbent Board – 100% recyclable


The super-absorbent board is sourced from FSC certified suppliers, are 100% recyclable. In addition, the inks used in the printing process are vegetable based – ensuring your campaign not only works for your client, but also with the environment.


Printed Marketing Campaigns, invariably involve many items that need to be produced. It is important the printing is colour matched across the different items to ensure integrity to the brand. Understanding different materials, allows us to accurately reproduce your brands colour scheme on different papers and boards. Once printed, we packed into “promotional kits” and dispatched to individual participating pubs.


Colourful printed beer mats - different colours stacked on top of each other
High quality beer mat printing

Colourful printed beer mats - different colours stacked on top of each other
Multiple kinds in one print run



Nothing could undermine your marketing campaign more than a poor quality version of the original beer mat. Authenticity is the essential ingredient in a printed beer mat so do not settle for anything less. Beer mat means beer mat NOT something that looks like a beer mat!


Having Avenue manage our entire print campaign, ensured we had one less thing to worry about! Their expertise on paper stocks helped deliver a successful campaign.


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