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Industry: Retail
Finish: Cardboard Engineering

We designed and printed branded indoor display units to house 100 bags of peanuts to attract buyers and customers in-store. The client leant on our expertise to ensure the displays were designed and printed in a cost-effective way whilst fulfilling the practical day-to-day needs of typical in-store POS.

A Cost-Effective Design 

As the displays were to be used in-store, the design had to command attention but also incorporate offerings, slogans and brand colours. When printing on bespoke store displays and POS, there are a number of considerations to ensure that wastage is minimised, which in turn reduces the budget through cost efficiencies. For example, we advised the client on the measurements of the displays, educating them on widths and heights that can fit into standard printing lengths. This meant that they could achieve a higher number of displays whilst reducing printing and material costs. 

A Need for Durability and Maneuverability 

The biggest challenge for this custom POS project was choosing materials that would meet the practical requirements of store operations. They had to be safe to move whilst also maintaining the aesthetic because the display units were holding over 100 bags of peanuts which resulted in significant weight for the unit to support. This weight had to be easily manoeuvred by store staff whilst also being robust enough to withstand frequent movement without losing the integrity of the display.

To combat this, we designed the units to be built of pallets as we knew the stores all had pallet handlers so they could be easily lifted, moved and displayed in an area of the store at their convenience. After we had designed the stand we tested the units by:

  1. Moving them around the factory for 3 days to imitate conditions in the store. 
  2. Transporting them in a van for 3 days to test the structural integrity as they would need to be delivered by this method.

This yielded positive results so once we were satisfied with the quality of the product, we sent the client the design guides for them to lay down their artwork. The artwork was checked and the units were then printed and manufactured cost-effectively.

The client supplied the bags for transportation, so we filled up all the units with the relevant products and flavours in the correct quantities. The finished units were then successfully delivered to various locations around the country. 

A great example of bespoke POS printing 

This project typifies a bespoke printing solution that relied on industry experience and expertise to produce a low-cost yet high-quality product but most importantly – a happy customer. If you have a need for bespoke printing solutions, commercial printing or are looking for a knowledgeable print broker to guide you through the printing process, get in touch with Avenue today.

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