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This information guide is to help you decide which method of delivery would work best for your job.

In general, most problems on any print project is the physical delivery. This is very frustrating for all concerned, especially for you, the customer. Your urgent job has been printed beautifully and at speed. You don’t want to find the ‘Before 9:00 AM’ overnight carrier is running 1 hour late and its for a meeting that starts in 20 minutes…

In most cases delivery issues can be averted. All it takes is to ask yourself some questions and the method of delivery should select itself. WARNING: if your delivery is a ‘No Fail’ then an overnight courier is not the right option, as they do sometimes fail!

Delivery tips

Here are a five tips that will help your delivery go more successfully:

1). Check the postcode – very obvious, but its the no1. offender

2). Have a contact name & number – most drivers, despite what we think, do actually want to make the delivery. If they are struggling to find the location then being able to call the recipient is very valuable to them.

3). Make sure someone will be there – often we are asked to put a delivery on a ‘by 9:00am service’, the driver arrives at 8:35am but nobody is in! Don’t expect the driver to arrive at 8:59am!

(HINT: If it needs to be there by 9:00am in the morning,  the job should really be delivered the day before)

4). Couriers allow themselves some wiggle room with regards ‘By a certain time’ – most say they will deliver no later than 1 hour after the time stated. Our experience is that they are pretty good and adhere to this.

5). Next day delivery means between 8:00am and 5:30pm – If you need your shiny new brochures for a meeting at 2:30pm then you could end up being disappointed.


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*Oversized goods – as a guide Maximum length: 1.5 metres, Maximum combined length and girth: 3 metres. Read more about notebook printing.