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Industry: Food & Drink
Finish: Die-cutting
Special Finish: Fulfilment

Bespoke Mailing boxes for Health Food Company that requires no gluing for holding brochures and other marketing items. Can be sent and returned through the post. Designed to be strong enough to protect the product whilst also economic in terms of manufacture and mailing costs.

Mailing box ready to be assembled
Mailing box ready to be assembled

A box design to keep the costs low

A short run bespoke mailing box need not cost the earth to manufacture. The key is the design so that it is strong enough to protect the contents of the box  whilst also able to be mailed out using the most economic postal rates. This box does not require any gluing therefore they can be delivered flat. They are then folded and made up as and when required. This means there is one less finishing process to pay for whilst also allowing the boxes to be stored without taking up a lot of valuable space. Using a one sided box board, these bespoke mailing boxes can be printed to a high standard to help promote your brand.

Choosing the right finish for your printing

Easy to open large box lid

When design your bespoke mailing box think carefully about the moment your intended user opens the box. Typical downsides are difficult to open lids or it could be that once open the lid design does not display the contents very well. Therefore an easy to open box lid is a priority. The hinge lid for this box is based on the classic pizza lid design, in other words, you see everything once opened.

The Pizza Box Lid design
Open Mailing Box

Creating a strong mailing box

When designing your custom mailing box it has to be strong enough to cope with the demands of the UK’s postal system. The trick is to not over-engineer which could blow your budgets for the both the cost of the box and also the postage cost. Therefore, simplicity is the key design element; using a fold-over double-wall system is very economic whilst at the same time very strong. Our customers have stress tested this design literally thousands of times so we know it works. If you need help with your design, our studio is always on hand for help and guidance. We have many proven and tested die-guides which enables your artwork to be laid onto.  Our studio also provides guidance on how designers can set up their files to ensure your box will work.

How to export a print ready PDF from adobe Indesign

Slim design is less than 25mm deep
Easily stacked


Having high quality packaging within budget was essential for the business


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A Die refers to a thin, razor-sharp steel blade that has been formed into a specific shape or pattern.
A Die refers to a thin, razor-sharp steel blade that has been formed into a specific shape or pattern.