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When it comes to marketing your products or services, there’s nothing better than a glossy (or matte!) catalogue. But how much do you need to budget for catalogue printing costs? It all depends on the size, format, paper quality and quantity of catalogues you want to print.

In this quick guide, we’re going to give you a comprehensive overview of all the influencing factors that go into catalogue printing costs, and how you can easily cut corners when designing and printing yours. Let’s take a look!

We would recommend speaking to the catalogue printing experts here at Avenue Printing to get a more accurate quote according to your specification.

How much does it cost to print a catalogue?

As there are so many different factors that go into the production of a catalogue, it’s almost impossible to estimate how much the average catalogue costs to print. Generally, the cost of printing a single catalogue is determined by its size, complexity and quantity, as well as optional features such as special finishes and the inclusion of images.

How are catalogue printing costs calculated?

Typically, the cost of catalogue printing will be influenced by the following factors:


If you’re looking to print a small-format, short run catalogue, such as A4 or A5 size paper, then you can expect to pay anywhere from £1-£3 for each unit. If you’re looking to produce a catalogue to show off large or intricate items (such as cars, or jewellery), a larger paper size (such as A4) and a heavier duty paper quality are most likely your best options. For service-based catalogues (where images are not strictly necessary throughout) you might be able to use a smaller size, such as A5. The greater the paper size, the higher the price, so choosing a smaller paper size is one way you can cut costs if you’re on a budget. Often, the smaller sizes catalogue woks just as well and sometimes better.


A promotional catalogue is all about making a good impression on potential customers and clients, and what better way to do so than with a stunning finish? Some of the most popular finishes for catalogues are matte and gloss finishes, which add a professional, sleek look to any booklet. Gloss and matte finishes are also both two highly affordable finish options, although you can also go the extra mile and add a spot-UV finish to a laminate finish.


The length of your catalogue, number of pages, will also play a determinative role in your overall printing costs. A longer catalogue is going to cost more, especially if you’re adding lots of images and a special finish. That being said, it’s useful to think about the intended use of your catalogue when designing it – is it going to be an annual catalogue, seasonal catalogue, or a catalogue distributed simply to highlight a new, limited edition range of products? For catalogues intended for long-term use, you may be in a better position to make them more durable with finishes and lamination


For most catalogues, images are going to play a large role in helping sell your products. Whether you’re selling beautiful jewellery pieces or expensive clothing, you’re going to want to use the best possible images to really convey both the intricate details of your items, as well as your innate professionalism and adherence to quality. Adding images to your brochure is only going to increase the price if it results in increasing the number of pages; so think of it as an investment in your business – the better your products look, the higher the chance a customer is going to purchase them.


While calculating the cost of catalogue printing, don’t forget to factor in the cost of designing your catalogue. In larger companies, this may already be taken care of by a design or marketing department, but smaller businesses might need to hire a contractor or freelance designer to complete the catalogue to a high standard. At Avenue Printing, we’re always happy to put our clients in contact with local artists and graphic designers who can help put their ideas onto paper – literally. A well designed catalogue doesn’t cost anymore to actually print!

How to produce a catalogue cheaply

If you’re on a budget, there are a number of ways you can reduce the price of your catalogue printing costs:

Longer Print run – Order in bulk

Increasing the number of catalogues printed will reduce the unit cost of the catalogue. Sometimes, ordering in bulk actually helps you save money overall. If you’re printing catalogues that are going to be used all year round, we at Avenue Printing will always offer cost-effective pricing so that your price-per-unit is as low as possible. That being said, this cost-cutting method only works if your catalogues are produced for long-term use; if you’re promoting seasonal products or limited ranges, there’s not much use in ordering in bulk.

Reduce the number of images

Another way to reduce the cost of your catalogue is to reduce how many images you use in order to reduce the number of pages. While this might seem to go against the advice given above, you don’t need to cut out images altogether – some brands manage to cut costs by having images on every second or third page, and filling the rest of the pages with engaging copywriting promoting both your product and business. Images will hike your printing costs up, so finding ways to reduce the number of images and thus pages – without compromising the quality of your catalogue – can be useful.

Use a durable finish

One way to cut back on long-term printing costs is to produce catalogues that stand the test of time. If your catalogues are flimsy and made with easily rippable paper, you’re going to be obliged to replace them much more often – not to mention that you also run the risk of customers throwing damaged catalogues in the bin. By creating a durable, sturdy catalogue with a protective finish, you’ll reduce the long-term marketing costs associated with catalogue printing. Prospective customers are also more likely to hold onto your catalogue for longer, so it’s a win for both your budget and your business.

The bottom line

There is no single fixed price when it comes to printing catalogues, as no order is the same. If you’d like to know more about catalogue pricing, feel free to get in touch with us and we’d be happy to provide you with a quote. You can contact us directly via our online form, or call us on 01732 742397.

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