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If you’re hosting a large event, you might be wondering about the cost of event programmes for the evening or weekend – average prices, how they’re printed, and what creative options you have when you’re on a budget.

In this guide, we’re going to give you a comprehensive overview of events programme printing costs; what to expect, and how to lower the costs while still getting a final product that you love. Let’s take a look!

We would recommend speaking to the event printing programme experts here at Avenue Printing to get a more accurate event program printing cost according to your specification.

How much does it cost to print event programmes?

Whether it’s corporate conference season, a trade fair, exhibition or simply a fun live event, no event is complete without its own batch of distributable programmes. 

As your event programme is going to be particular to you or your organisation’s needs, it can be difficult to estimate exactly how much your total order would cost. Your event programme printing costs are going to be determined by a number of variables, including the volume of your order, the style and complexity of your programme design, as well as any additional finishes or features.

Calculating the cost of event programmes

Like any other printing company, at Avenue Printing we’ll calculate your order cost based on a range of factors that will vary from order to order. These factors include (but aren’t limited to):

Volume of order

The great thing about event programme printing is that you’ll most likely have a rough idea of just how many programmes you’re going to need based on the number of guests attending. Having this information can help to simplify the question of volume and quantity, and prevent you from ordering too many (or too few) programmes. At Avenue Printing, we offer cost-reduced pricing on all bulk orders, with the aim of you paying as little as possible per printed item.


Event programmes can vary wildly in style; some organisations might create eco-friendly fully recycled programme, or a budget programme, while others might want to create programmes that double as mementos and keepsakes. Whether or not your programmes are designed to be kept or recycled will usually play a significant role in the costs; keepsake programmes will typically include more stylistic and complex features, as well as more imagery and special finishes. These extra touches will increase the price of any events programme, but will create a dazzling final look when finished.

Paper size and weight

Just like any other printed product, the overall cost of your order will also be determined by the paper size (A5, A6, etc) as well as the paper weight you choose. Again, this comes down to a question of durability and intended use: if your programmes are simply informational (and likely to be thrown away), you don’t need to invest in heavier paper. Similarly, you don’t need to opt for the largest programme sizes if your design is simple and text-based. Smaller paper sizes and lower paper weight = reduced overall costs.

Alternatively, if you’re creating memento programmes (such as programmes for a live event or theatrical performance) you’ll want to ensure you’re delivering a quality product. Many theatres and venues charge guests for programmes, so it’s important to offer something of quality.

Additionally, do note that the length of an event programme isn’t necessarily the most influential factor when it comes to calculating costs; most programmes are between 20-50 pages long, so factors such as design and paper quality are going to be more significant.

Finishes and special touches

You can add any number of finishes to your event programme, such aslamination with a matte or gloss finish. While these types of finishes aren’t mandatory for an event programme, they will help to increase the durability and longevity of the final product, and can be useful if the event is a week-long or even weekend-long affair. Adding finishes will add to the production and printing costs, while opting out of any extra touches will keep costs low – albeit in exchange for a less eye-catching final product.

Money-saving tips for printing events programmes

We understand if budgets are tight – which is why we’ve compiled a list of ways you can reduce your event programme printing costs, without compromising on the functionality of the final product:

Design the programmes yourself (or in-house)

If you’re a large company (or even a small-to-medium company with a marketing team) you don’t necessarily need to outsource the designing of your event programme to a professional artist or graphic designer. Using a simple online tool such as Canva or Adobe, you should be able to create a simple, engaging design that contains all the necessary information pertinent to the event and its guests. This can save you potentially thousands in graphic designer fees, and can even lead to a more comprehensive and company-focused design. Remember, if you decide to design the programme yourself, the finished artwork files must be printable. We have lots of advice (link) on how to prepare your artwork to ensure a high quality result. 

Make a statement with eco-friendly paper

If your organisation is all about promoting an environmentally-friendly message, live up to that message by printing your programmes on 100% recycled paper. Although a little more- it will help promote your organisation’s green ethics.

Have a precise guest list estimate

As quantity is going to be perhaps the most influential of all the factors listed above, we’ll remind you again that having a precise idea of how many guests will be present will help you ensure that you’re not overspending (or under-spending) when it comes to your programmes. With a precise estimate, you’ll also be able to take advantage of our cost-effective pricing, safe in the knowledge that you’re not wasting money by printing too many programmes.

The bottom line

Overall, there are a number of factors that come into play when it comes to calculating the cost of printing event programmes. Paper size and weight, design complexity, finishes and special touches, as well as quantity all need to be taken into consideration when arriving at a final price. If you’d like to reach out to us for a quote about an upcoming event, feel free to contact us on 01732 742397 for a no-obligations quote.

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