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What are the advantages of using digital printing over litho printing?

Digital printing has gained popularity in recent years due to several key advantages over traditional litho printing. Here are the top five reasons for choosing digital printing:

  • Cost Efficiency: Digital printing offers significant cost advantages compared to litho printing. With litho printing, there are high upfront costs involved in setting up printing plates, which can be expensive for small print runs. Digital printing eliminates this setup cost as it operates without plates, allowing for more cost-effective printing of small to medium-sized quantities. Additionally, digital printing enables on-demand printing, eliminating the need for large print runs and reducing inventory costs.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: Digital printing provides faster turnaround times compared to litho printing. The absence of plate setup and adjustment time in digital printing allows for immediate printing once the artwork is ready. This speed is particularly beneficial for time-sensitive projects or when frequent updates and revisions are required. Digital printing also enables personalized and variable data printing, making it ideal for targeted marketing campaigns and producing customized materials rapidly.
  • Short-Run Flexibility: One of the strengths of digital printing is its flexibility in handling short print runs. Litho printing is often not cost-effective for producing a limited number of prints. Digital printing, on the other hand, excels in accommodating low-volume orders without sacrificing quality. This flexibility is especially advantageous for businesses and individuals who require small quantities or who frequently change their designs, as digital printing allows for cost-efficient and convenient printing of smaller batches.
  • Superior Colour Consistency: Digital printing provides excellent color consistency and accuracy. Unlike litho printing, which relies on ink mixing and color matching during the setup process, digital printing employs precise color management systems. These systems ensure that the desired colors are reproduced consistently across different print jobs, eliminating variations caused by manual adjustments. With digital printing, you can achieve reliable and predictable color results, making it ideal for brand consistency and producing vibrant, high-quality prints.
  • Variable Data Printing: Digital printing offers the capability of variable data printing (VDP), which is the ability to personalize each printed piece with unique information. VDP enables customization of individual elements such as names, addresses, images, or even entire layouts, allowing for highly targeted marketing materials. Litho printing cannot achieve this level of personalization without significant setup and cost implications. Digital printing’s VDP capabilities make it an excellent choice for direct mail campaigns, personalized catalogs, event invitations, and other applications requiring individualized content.


In summary, digital printing has emerged as a cost-effective and efficient alternative to litho printing for various reasons. It offers cost efficiency, quick turnaround times, flexibility in handling short print runs, superior color consistency, and the ability to personalize printed materials with variable data. These advantages have made digital printing a popular choice for businesses and individuals looking for high-quality, on-demand printing solutions.


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