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As a corporate company, you already have a lot on your plate, so why not let us worry about printing the perfect marketing material for all your business needs? We offer a variety of materials to print whatever message you wish to get out to your target market, and we work great with bulk orders, short deadlines, and last-minute changes in an emergency.

Not sure what printing material works best for your marketing needs? This list is the top best-printed materials for marketing. The options don’t stop there, so reach out today and let us help relieve the stress of getting the job done.


Marketing pieces are all about making a lasting impression, and a professionally printed pocket folder is a great way to make a first impression that is also a lasting one. No matter who your clientele is, printed pocket folders are the perfect way to promote a sense of professionalism and earn the client’s trust in your capabilities. Who better to help you present your company than the professionals who know the process from beginning to end and can make use of a dull pocket folder to create a memory your client will never forget?

Find out about pocket folder printing here.


Presentation is critical in the corporate world, so you must catch the eye of your target market. Why not wrap your marketing material in a bright and unique slipcase and pull your client into your material? Our team at Avenue Print knows just what you need to spice up your presentation. When you present your pitch within a personalised slipcase, the viewer engages actively with your content, psychologically putting them in a position to access and retain your information. Plus, it is easy to carry and collect your material when they return to their office to present it to the rest of their team. Professionalism, convenience, and information go a long way on the journey back to their office.

Find out more about slipcase printing here.


When people think of reports, they think of black and white letters on white paper, but you’d be surprised what a team of creative professionals who see various combinations every day can do with a simple report. Don’t bore your team or visitors with ‘simple’. Present your reports on a PUR-bound, triple-blade coated silk stock, allowing for a smooth, silky feel and crisp colour reproduction. Onlookers never forget who you are. We specialise in bespoke report printing and have the expertise to deliver the required specifications and volume of reports.

Find out more about our report printing here. 


Notebooks have a wide variety of uses to them. Whether you order a few for your private office or in bulk for everyone to have on hand, you should have the best-printed paper tucked securely with professionally made binding to last the life of the notebook or journal We offer wiro, PUR, and saddle stitch binding options to balance the practicality and necessity of a durable design. Turn your note-taking needs from a functional product into a clever marketing tool that proudly displays your branding on the face of the notebook.

Find out more about our notebook printing here.


A programme can be a throw-away list of events for the evening or something cherished and kept for years to commemorate the fine presentation. Whatever the expectation, don’t present it with only half the effort. Put your best foot forward and work with us as we specialise in programme printing services for all occasions. Create a lasting impression long after the event by personalising the programmes with a cover that stands out but stays protected with a laminate seal. If your programme is multi-paged, we offer binding solutions such as saddle-stitch or staple-spined. Finally, choose from several finishes and size options. We have various paper choices (sustainable paper available) to create a programme you can be proud to call yours.

Find out more about our programme printing here. 


Gone are the days of lifeless material no one could concentrate on reading. No, our team of experts offer various finishes and formats for you to choose from that keep your new staff wanting to check out what comes next. We work with many marketing companies and corporate organisations to help produce high-quality and engaging training manuals. For instance, our most popular option is a wiro bound calendar style training programme. This allows the user to browse details in a practical way while learning and retaining the necessary information. Choosing the correct paper for a training manual is essential as some require the user to write down key information. The fold-flat practicality makes it easy to manoeuvre, take notes, and flip back and forth for easy information recall. Additionally, the tabbed dividers provide the best way to organise and quickly reference details throughout the training sessions.

Find out more about our training manual printing here. 


Stationery isn’t just a notepad you put out in the waiting room or for your assistant to take notes. Your company is represented in so many ways that you may not have even considered how many places you can grab people’s attention. Let us stamp your corporate name everywhere you may not have thought to add it. Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, certificates, labels, and compliment slips are different places you can turn heads. We offer this range of options with competitive pricing, allowing you to have budgeting room to choose finish options like foil print on letterheads or spot UV printing on business cards. We also offer a matte or gloss finish if you wish to go subtle or make your company name shine.

Find out more about our business stationery printing here. 


The expectation of an invitation is to pique a potential client’s interest and earn a quick response. It is also a great way to jump into the creative waters by working with a team of experts like us to truly pop your colours and designs. You think them up; we print them out. Draw your customers in with envelopes that prioritise the excitement of unwrapping such a gift that they receive. Our high-quality 4-colour invitation printing, matt lamination and super smooth silk art are the final touches to reflect the class and value of your event.

Find out more about our invitation printing here.


You want to communicate professionalism, success, and approachability with your marketing tools. A bright and well-put-together brochure can do just that. We have various binding options, such as saddle-stitched and perfect-bound documents and folded leaflet designs for a unique presentation. What we offer is a bespoke printing service; your design isn’t limited to the standard designs offered at other companies. Bring us your ideas, and we will help make them a marketing reality, sure to catch the eye of everyone who picks up your brochure.

Find out more about our brochure printing here. 


You wouldn’t just toss your marketing product on a table and walk away, would you? No, you want it to stand out and lead people to pick it up and see what’s inside. We can help! We print with a four-colour process onto 300gsm silk to achieve a vibrant, impactful finish sure to catch the eye of any passerby. We can also use fluorescent ink, Pantone colour matching and foiling to add finesse and attention to the result. Don’t wrap your company’s information in a dull package. Set up a wallet to hold the amazing information you have inside.

View our wallet printing here. 

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