Wiro bound Recipe Book - Wiro Bound Printing for brochures & catalogues

Wiro bound Recipe Book

Wiro bound Cook book with protective cover

  • Industry: Government Agency

  • Finish: Wiro Binding

  • Special Finish: Synthetic Paper

By using synthetic paper, this wiro bound recipe book can be wiped clean using a damp cloth without spoiling the document. Where a document is being used as a reference manual, we often recommend wiro binding as it has the advantages of laying flat on top of the surface.

Wiro Bound Documents are easy to use

Documents that have been wiro bound are really easy for the user. For instance, it can be very annoying when you want a page to stay open only to find it keeps closing in on itself. Reference books, catalogues and manuals can lay flat so that they can be read easily.

Printed Wiro-bound employee recipe book for MTR Cross Rail - pages open out flat

Wiro lays flat

Printed Wiro-bound employee recipe book for MTR Cross Rail - close-up of binding

Wiro close-up


A wide choice of wiro colours

For this recipe book, a white wiro was selected. However, there is a large range of both wire colours and sizes to match your binding requirements. The wire colour is achieved by a PVC coating that is manufactured in various colours.

Does the spine ruin your design?